Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Deepest Sympathy Manchester, UK!

My deepest sympathy to all of those who lost their precious loved ones and have been affected by the evil atrocity which was carried out in Manchester, UK on the 22 May 2017.

I send you love and comfort and hope that you will find the strength to help you to heal and carry on with courage through this very sad and tragic time.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

To those precious ones that passed away tragically may you R.I.P. in the arms of the Divine Light and Comfort of God for eternity.

Dear Father,

 I kneel before you and I ask that you will give all those who have suffered such pain, loss and suffering, love and comfort.  I feel so much pain for them Holy Father. Please hold and keep each and every one in your white scintillating light of protection and love.  Heal the broken hearted with your warm comfort.  Please strengthen their hope and faith in you so that they can carry on during this difficult time of their suffering.

Father I pray that your love and goodness prevail upon our Earth and that all evilness and negativity which sweeps over our Earth, be obliterated forever.



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