Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Kundalini Awakening and Twin Flame Energy!

Facts You Must Know?
Everyone has a chakra system. Our chakra is our energy center and the energy that runs through it is called the kundalini. 

But, the question remains – what is the kundalini awakening and twin flames energy?
Here’s what you need to know – whenever twin flames connect for the first time and spend time together, they feel the sensational bolts of energy run through them. They feel the energy centers heat up. This is one of the true twin flame connection. And yes, when twin flames meet – their chakras can activate and it feels like awakening. But, now you probably ask yourself – what if my chakras didn’t activate? Some they if your chakras don’t activate then you have not met your twin flame, which is untrue.
Well, first of all, you should know that there are many reasons why your kundalini energy won’t flow through. First being not everyone has balanced chakras, in fact everyone has some of their chakras underactive or overactive even worse blocked, for kundalini to flow we need balanced chakras, however your chakras will still activate. It is important for twin flames to heal together and go through the purification process, we know in our soul when we meet our twin flame, the soul recognition is more important than bodily energies.
And, you should also know that the chakra activation is one of the symptoms of twin flame soul recognition. We know that twin flames share the same soul signature and blue print. They are the two important patterns that help twin flames recognize each other. The chakra and kundalini activation is just one of the steps to a twin flame connection. When twin flames meet the chakra centers pull them closer to each other, this pull is even felt when you are thinking of your partner, it won’t matter how far away they are. Now you have probably read stories of people meeting their twin flame and this magnetic pull is very apparent.
Twin flames – it’s very important to have the kundalini running through the energy centers, because this energy has the power to purify and clear congestions that may take place in our chakras. Everyone has chakras that are either blocked or unbalanced; however the kundalini energy may still flow through your chakras. When your chakras are clear of congestions kundalini can flow freely. So it’s very important when the activation or awakening starts, as unwanted feelings and behaviors may emerge. Unwanted feelings like remembering pain again of the past, until you have dealt with them and healed up from the pain, you can’t be near or with your twin flame.
Bottom line – we now know that kundalini awakening and twin flames activation is one of the recognition process and there are many others you may recognize. Each of us have different experience meeting our twin flame, what’s true for one may not be for someone else. 

Courtesy of: Spiritual Unite
Many thanks.

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