Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Unlock the Locket!

Everyone is searching for that “Holy Grail” which offers us a fulfilled life! 

The fact is we carry the “Holy Grail” within us; the Soul!  The soul is love, joy, peace, happiness, grace, forgiveness, abundance and knowledge. 

The soul is one with God and all of creation, humanity and the Universe.

Whatever we feel, think and do, these are absorbed into the consciousness of the Universe and whatever is emitted from the Universe is directly relayed back to us.  Therefore, if our feelings, thoughts and actions are absorbed into the consciousness of the Universe, it is in our own best interests as a collective humanity that we  pay particular attention to what thoughts, words and actions we emit into the atmosphere.

As we are one with our Creator, every thought, word, emotion and action we promote vibrates across the Universe creating whatever we wish and that in turn is relayed back to ourselves and our planet.

When we are able to connect to the heart of God (our Soul) within, then we will be given the means and ability to disconnect from our intellectual minds which promotes separateness from ourselves and God.  

Within ourselves we will be able to find our Beloved, the One and Only, the One of Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Grace, Abundance and Knowledge.  What a blissful discovery it is. 

Nothing compares to the comforting love of our soul and God.  

In order to reconnect with our Soul (our Authentic-Self, Our Beloved, Our God and Creator) we must still our minds, find our peace, sit in silence and focus on the love of Our Beloved and then the overflowing of all these wonderful treasures will be discovered within us.

A good way to send love and healing out into the Universe is to sit in a quiet place, settle the mind and meditate on love.  If you cannot focus on love, focus on the feeling that love gives you e.g., joy, peace, comfort, security and happiness.  It might be easier for you to focus on the love you have for your spouse, your child, your precious pet, your twin flame,  or a piece of art or nature.  Whatever fills you with wonderful and positive feelings or emotions and vibrations is what you ought to focus on.  Once you feel this love in your heart centre then send it out into the Universe in thought forms or words; with your intentions for the healing of our planet and for the blessings of mankind.  This is a powerful way of clearing and healing yourself and the world. 

Remember whatever you sow you reap.  This is your reward be it positive or negative.

Unlock the locket within the centre of your being; this is where the “Holy Grail” is.  This is your precious soul; the heart of God. 

Love your soul and you will be loving God and you will delight the heart of God which in turn blesses your soul with the treasures of heaven. 

Your Soul is your Utopia and your bliss.

Love, Light and blessings.

© 2017 Debra Heylen All rights Reserved.

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