Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day - Twin Flames!

I wait for you.

Like a messianic prophecy
 that will someday come true.

We existed together
 before creation of the universe,
 somewhere beyond ideas of time,
 space and matter.

Elements we became,
 stardust fallen from the heavens,
 risen upon earth
 in beautiful skin and bone.

Separate we are,
 histories of our own,
 yet sharing a dream
 that sometimes seems
 too far-fetched to understand.

I search for you.
Like mystics possessed by longing
 for unity with God.

Deep in the city of my soul,
 walking through the remains
 of shattered dreams
 and haunted memories,
 the cold stare of phantoms
 remind me of the battles
 that were fought,
 all of the pain and agony
 that was endured.

There are whispers here
 amongst the dark ruins,
 voices that speak of the One,
 a companion who will come
 fulfilling a truth forgotten.

The roses I find in the dark
 are signs of your presence,
 I have not seen your face,
 but I know you are here,
 existing within me,
 where I am also
 within you.

Our souls overlapping,
 walking, sometimes racing
 towards one another;
 journey onward, say the voices,
 across the oceans,
 the fields, the mountains.
 Reunion is close,
 slowly coming into view
 like darkness fading to dawn.
 Don’t give up, friend,
 follow the signs
 for they are rays of light
 cast from the Beloved.

I breathe with you
 and you with me,
 reciting holy verses
 to bridge distanced hearts,
 like poetry we are,
 music in perfect harmony;
 Believe –
 meld your flame with mine,
 we’ll make a firestorm together,
 fierce and passionate
 like strokes of lightning,
 flashing in their wild splendor,
 lighting up the skies
 for all eyes to see;
 and like bursts of hot energy
 shooting beams of fiery light,
 we’ll strike the earth,
 burning and melting the illusions
 to set our prisoner-selves free.

We’ll wake from this dream-world,
 and become crowned
 on the throne of Love
 in our transcendent reality.
 We’ll enter the garden
 and become whole again,
 lit by the torch of Angels,
 shining ablaze in our immortality.

Feel this union in meditation,
 in a place where separation fades away;
 only you can understand this magic
 that drives the journey through.

Know that when I dance for God,
 I am also dancing for you.

~ Jehanzeb ~

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