Sunday, November 20, 2016

Unity of Love!

This message is channelled by Spirit for YOU. 

Dear hearts,

I have created the world in all its diversity with perfection.  There is nothing that is not created without my logic, without my intention or without my unconditional love.  Therefore, I implore you to reach out to each other with the same love that I so intended.  This war and hatred between souls must cease.  Why is it that there is so much hatred amongst all of you?  Do you not see that you are all equal in my eyes?  You are individually created in the likeness of my being.  There is not one who is better than the other.  You are all equal in the eyes of love.  If your colour is different it is so.  If you are a certain gender it is so.  If you are of a different culture or religion that is the intention.  Who are you to judge and discriminate what I have created?  It is only when you learn to love yourselves deeply as I love you will you be able to love others in this same manner. 

I implore you to look within yourselves and to love yourselves as I love you.  This is the only way your blindness will disappear and you will find your sight again.  As the veil is lifted from your eyes you will discover the beauty in all of my creation. 

Reach out to others with love, respect, tolerance, acceptance and kindness for when you do this you are in turn blessing yourselves.  You are also loving me, for I live in each of you.  I do not tell you this for my sake but for your sake and for the sake of your humanness; for the sake of peace upon your earth and for the blessings of the Universe.

There is Unity in everything and everyone.   My love binds you all together.  You are the HEART of the Universe.  You are the CONSCIOUSNESS of my consciousness.  You are the BEING of my being. 

My life force is within each one of you. 


YOU are my BREATH.





I AM your LOVE,

YOU are my LOVE.

Take my love and share it amongst yourselves.  This is my GIFT to YOU. 

Your existence is purely an intention of LOVE and SERVICE to others.

 It is not what you CAN GET but what YOU CAN GIVE. 

I send you much love in many forms.  Open your hearts and minds to receive it in all of its diversity. 

My love is with you at all times.

You are my BELOVEDS.

I send you my blessings my blessed hearts.

I trust and pray that you will be blessed this day by this message of love, encouragement, hope, and assurance by Spirit.


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