Sunday, April 17, 2016

Prayers for Japan & Ecuador!!!

In the aftermath of the Earthquakes that have rocked Japan and Ecuador over the past two days I send love, prayers and light to all those who are suffering from this terrible tragedy.  May you be comforted with the love and grace of our Creator.  

Let us pray!!!

Dear Father God,

Please hear our supplication to you for your guidance, comfort and strength in this tragic time with the loss of life in Japan and Ecuador.  We ask that you send your grace to understand and accept this loss.  We are trusting in your power and in your miracles that these two countries and the people will be restored to wholeness once again.  May your love, light and comfort be with everyone.  Please calm their troubled hearts.  We believe in your mercies and your love.    We know and confirm that your goodness will overcome this darkness that has affected our planet.

Thank you for hearing our prayers dear father.


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