Thursday, April 23, 2015

Twin Flames - 2015


Today, you are receiving incredibly deep spiritual links with your Twin Flame partner. You are being held within an ovoid of Light that is similar to the patterning that was present when you first came into being, right at the beginning of the worlds. This energetic bubble of light is nurturing the two of you, holding you safe from the chaos, troubles, distractions and dramas in the 3D reality.

You are receiving very high pulses of nourishing, feminine, heart-centred light, which soothe and remind you that on a Higher Plane, all is unfolding perfectly, and in divine order. Many aspects of your life may look like chaos, or disintegration at this time. This is because the order of things is being fundamentally changed so that you can merge fully in the physical realm with your twin flame partner.

There are unprecedented levels of re-ordering and restructuring occurring in the lives of twin flames right now. This can bring up fears and anxieties about safety, security and the unknown. Twin flames are being re-activated spiritually at the deepest cores of their beings: this ignites the Sacred Life Purpose that they have incarnated to fulfil.

You are moving closer to full reunion with your Twin Flame, even if nothing in the outer world seems to suggest that this is happening. It may even look as if the opposite is happening, but this is irrelevant to the Divine Plan of reunion. Your personal magnetics are connecting more and more deeply every day, pulling you closer and closer together. Circumstances will align themselves through synchronicity and sacred order, and much of what occurs will transcend logic and what the lower mind believes is possible.

Many changes need to occur in the lives of both Twins when reunion is underway, and the energetic synthesis between them actually fuels and creates these changes. The ego-mind detests this kind of surrender and transformation, because it wants to hold on to what it knows, feels safe with, and gains approval from.

Be ready for everything to change beyond your wildest comprehensions of what is possible. Your Twin Flame blueprint for this lifetime is being activated today with enormous pulses and explosions of light. There is literally nothing on the earth plane that can prevent you from reuniting and living as One.

You were made as One. You have the same Soul frequency. Your hearts are beating to the same rhythm. Your Higher Selves have orchestrated the most magnificent of reunions. Nothing can impede the return of your hearts to one another's care. It is out of the control of your ego, created in eternal fires of distant galaxies.

The stars, the planets and the heavens are all speaking in ecstatic chorus today: you and your Twin Flame are One Truth, one Destiny, one Love. The raging fires of sacred passion are burning down anything that would stand in the way of this soul-ravishing devotion.

Stand in the Light with your Twin Flame today, and feel their unending, boundless and all-consuming love for you.

There is nothing that can get in your way.

Written by Sophie Bashford on April 10, 2015

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