Friday, April 24, 2015

Twin Flame Unions Arranged by Higher Self.

Many times over the last few years. I have continually heard the same story from people who talk about high vibrational unions ,soulmate connections and of course, the holy Grail of all twin flame unions. They continually mention the synchronicity's, coincidences and strange circumstances that seem to arrange themselves by some strange process for people to come together under what some describe as being mind boggling circumstances, of which there happens to be no human explanation for why all of this happened.

As you travel around in twin flame groups everywhere. You can hear this same story there would seem to be some nebulous, unknowing, power, source, God, a great something or other that when the two people least expect it, or in most cases are totally unprepared for it, because they haven't prepared for it in the first place. How could they possibly know that something of this nature was about to be bestowed upon them. I have heard hundreds of stories of two people thousands of miles apart's under circumstances which are totally unexplainable. Suddenly come together meet and a explosion of energetic connections take place and then of course it happens.

What happens suddenly once this divine event has taken place, all of the coincidences synchronicity's have happened they've been talked about they've been written about they've been put up in blogs and Facebook groups. You guessed it, we forget, we forget what. We forget all about that power. That source that nebulous something or other that brought us together in the first place by all of the strange circumstances, coincidences ,synchronicity's etc. etc. and both individuals take charge of the situation completely forgetting about what arranged the coming together in the first place.

Why does this happen. It happens because for thousands of years. Males and females on this planet have been conditioned programmed and yes brainwashed to have certain expectations about love relationships and sexuality that are very limited in their perspectives. Add in race, culture and religious indoctrination and the end result of what we see in many groups is preplanned preconditioned chaos and confusion as to what is taking place.

So much so that now we actually have individuals who are pontificating how to prepare for their twin flame union. There is no preparation for your twin flame union that one can actually do irrespective of your own personal spiritual growth. If nothing else in this post. I should like to make this very clear to individuals perceiving wanting, desiring, for a twin flame connection when the time is right and the time will be decided by a higher self, not by you, not by someone telling you need to prepare ,or get ready for your twin flame ,and not by someone teaching you the meditation to bring your twin flame toward you, and not by saying mantras, or prayers, that your twin flame will be brought to you even though you may practice some of these things, and it may actually happen. It is because and for no other reason that the higher self brings the two individuals together when the time is decided by the higher self and this is usually indicated by the spiritual awakening of the individuals in question.

Many would say, while my twin flame union is such a mess. I don't understand why higher self arranged all of these coincidences to bring us together when neither one of us were obviously ready because we didn't make it. Whenever I hear someone say we didn't make it. I can usually perceive that what they're trying to say is that the two of them are not under the same roof and living together. That is what they're actually saying. I have at this point, been involved with twin flames for many years I have not seen a twin flame union brought together by higher self that has not been successful. How those of you on this planet observe it. However, is a totally different matter because you can only perceive what's going on between the two people from a three-dimensional perspective. 

Therefore, all the conditioning that has been done to you, will result in the thought processes. The comments and the perceptions that you have about the twin flame union. And as you can see in many twin flame groups you get a total perspective. As you read the comments of many people as to exactly where they are in their own understanding and exactly where they are and letting go of their own concept of relationships love and sexuality.

Just as my final comment I'd like to remind everyone every twin flame union is arranged by higher self and by no other. Every twin flame Union is successful. Whether you believe it or not. And finally, once you embrace the union no matter what form it has taken you can and will be successful in every endeavor in your life.

Mel Brand – GoldRay Twin Flames

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