Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Twin Flame Union!

The Twin Flame Union is destined to change the lives of both partners, because it sets into motion events that build a much-needed Divine Mission on Earth.

Twin Flames do not create, nor attract, drama or distraction because they simply have too much work to create in the world. There is no karma to resolve or balance. Vast universal energies conspire to bring this relationship into being so that vital healing and transformational endeavours can take place.
This relationship is bigger than you; it is bigger than even your personal desires for intimacy or your career. It has a life-force of it's own that is impregnated with Divine Light Codes gathered through millennia. You cannot control or influence the unfolding of this most Sacred of Partnerships: it has a time-scale, development schedule and purpose that is unique and self-regulating.

You will have been guided towards this Reunion for years before it takes place in physical form. It is common for significant life changes to occur to prepare both twins for reconnection. Usually, each twin will have been drawn towards working with the Light before their bodies come together again: through personal growth methods, meditation, healing and spiritual acceleration work.

The Higher Realms have been consistently sending intense frequencies to bloom many Twin Flame relationships into being over recent times. You receive these energy waves into your Chakras and spiritual bodies. They will be having an effect on you even if you are not consciously aware. They will draw you to certain activities, certain places, certain people who are key in the re-connection of you and your Twin.

This energy will raise your consciousness, and programme you to the highest level of spiritual awareness possible. It will also unlock ancient codes of wisdom and healing abilities within your heart and Soul. You have significant, Earth-altering work to accomplish with your Twin Flame. You have much to do; much to create; much to share with the world.

You and your twin flame are the Universe's greatest team; the Highest form of a working partnership. Your combined ability to manifest and build new ventures and projects is awe-inspiring.
Earth needs the precise frequency of your Twin Flame connection, and will create the reunion in perfect timing, perfect ways, and perfect synchronicity.

The Twin Flame partnership instigates vast waves of healing Light to be released into the Cosmos.
This Light is simultaneously anchored deeply into the Earth, manifesting and building the New in radical physical form.

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