Sunday, November 2, 2014

Acceptance & Unity!

I have mentioned in so many of my posts that we receive messages and signs from Spirit and that we should pay attention to them. I was channelled by the Holy Spirit with this very important message.

This message from the Holy Spirit is one of acceptance and unity.

Wake up humanity!   The sooner barriers of discrimination against religion and beliefs, race, sexual orientation and ethnic backgrounds are removed from your world the better.  It is in keeping with these narrow minded views that the flow of peace, love and harmony are blocked upon your earth.  Yes you can bluff everyone that this is not so, but you only deceive yourself by thinking this is true when in fact there is so much disharmony amongst you.

Have I not told you so many times that everyone is one to each other and I am in everyone?  Why do you continue with these impositions on one another?  There must be no division of any kind between each other but rather unity, love, acceptance and respect for each other.  When you adopt this way of thinking and attitude you will ultimately learn to love and respect yourself more and be in touch with your true inner self and me.  No one has the right to continually impugn anyone’s race, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnic background.  I do not expect anyone to define themselves to me so why do you feel you have the right that they should define themselves to you?  My own beloved Son had to define himself to humanity and consequently he suffered and died for His heritage, beliefs and ethnic background.

Focus on embracing each other and respecting each other for all that you are regardless, for you all come from me.  My Spirit dwells within each one of you.  As souls you were given free will to choose your families, religions, sexual orientation, genders and your ethnic backgrounds before incarnating back to earth.  Be satisfied with your choice and stand proud and be confident in yourself.  You have chosen who you are and where you are so that you may learn and grow into wise and magnificent souls.

Governments of your world have created barriers upon my earth, dividing it up and transforming it into a patchwork quilt.  My earth was created to be one without any divisions but instead the ego of man and the lust for power has tried to destroy my vision and creation by taking away the freedom of my people on earth.  Unfortunately this consciousness has spilt over into each one of my children.  Ultimately the wars, famines, diseases, global warming and economic melt downs on earth are the result of this man made creation caused by greed, interference and power.

A new world and consciousness is being created upon my earth for renewal.  I AM amongst you.  My archangels, angels, ascended masters, light beings, helpers and light workers are assisting your planet right now for transformation.  THERE WILL BE peace, love, unity and abundance upon my earth.  NO MORE will it continue on its destructive quest.

Take heart dear one’s for you will be protected during these changes on earth as you are my children and I love you unconditionally.

A message from the Holy Spirit!

© 2014 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved. 
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