Monday, October 20, 2014

The Twin Flame Partnership!

'Important encounters are planned by the Soul long before the bodies see each other.' - Paulo Coelho

The Twin Flame partnership defies logic or intellectual comprehension. It does not follow traditional relationship patterns because it was born from an entirely unique spiritual origin, and will create and develop itself according to it's own inherent cosmic trajectory.

Twin Flame partners have spent most of their lifetimes on earth unconsciously or consciously seeking one another, because deep down their Souls remember and retain the phenomenal, unmatched vibration of total union and oneness.

The feelings of exaltation, spiritual completeness and sacred resolution that are experienced within the Twin Flame connection are incomparable. This is not to be confused with relationships that are emotionally inter- or co-dependent: twin flames have a divinely-programmed desire to enter into partnership that is based upon individual empowerment, self-responsibility and an elevated level of higher consciousness.

It is common for one twin to have progressed further along the 'awakened' pathway than the other at the time of physical reunion. Frequently, the partner who embodies the deepest connection with the Feminine energy will have gone through many years of fostering contact with Spirit in order to 'anchor' the Twin Flame vibrational geometry.

This is vital work because the magnitude of spiritual forces that combine when Twins reunite is beyond anything that can be imagined through the 3D mind. This process cannot be rushed, as the energy field of the twin with the predominantly feminine essence must be expanded, purified, attuned and refined enough to be the strong vessel through which this rocket-ship of vibrations can flow.

The feminine counterpart will usually have been guided to attune to Spirit for many, many years prior to the Twin Flame reunion. Often, significant and dramatic life changes precede a period of spiritual reflection, purification and inner alignment for the feminine partner. This is so that she (or he in some cases) can prepare the vibrational foundation for the Twin Flame union to manifest once again within Earth's dense energies.

The masculine counterpart is the twin who ignites the physical reunion on Earth. Sometimes this twin will not be as 'developed' spiritually or within the Self as the feminine partner, although they will nearly always have felt a deepening urge to study their inner life and a near compulsion to connect with energies outside of the physical realm. In many ways, they will have been attuning to, and hearing, the Call of the Feminine Twin for many years before the physical reconnection.

The physical reunion that is manifested primarily through the masculine partner's fiery passion, desire, active dynamic energy and physical need for transformation through sexual intimacy will usually initiate dramatic change within his (or her) life. It will often incur a breaking out of old or safe emotional patterns and will ALWAYS trigger the masculine life purpose and divine creative impulses.

This can raise very uncomfortable feelings within the psyche as it demands that the masculine twin looks at him or herself hard in the Holy Mirror and faces up to where he or she has been hiding the True Self. The Twin Flame masculine must be fully accepting and giving of the creative energies that lie within, and must be serving the Divine in ways that are purposeful, meaningful and reflecting the Sacred Contract.

The actualisation of the masculine Life Purpose is a key component of the re-ignited Twin Flame Union.

When Twin Flames finally reunite in the earthly world, a series of explosions are triggered in the Universe. There is nothing that can prevent or impede this union from fulfilling it's sacred destiny; the contract to light up the worlds with profound healing power.

Earthly lives will change and shift to accommodate the vast, infinite expanding energy of the Twin Flame unified energy field, and any seeming blocks or obstacles to the partnership will melt away with astonishing ease.

The fully-realised and reconnected Twin Flame Union is a Gift to the Earth, to Humanity, and to the entire Universe. Each reunited Twin Flame partnership rebalances universal energies, progressing the Divine Plan for a unified and harmonised Earth.

Written by Sophie Bashford.

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