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I was going to write my own piece on depression and as it happens the Universe gave me this well written article by Sherrie Dillard instead.  I sincerely hope that it helps all those who suffer with depression.



5 Ways to Reclaim Your Light When Depressed
by Sherrie Dillard

Depression is a dark cloud of energy that feeds off of the soul. It is a hungry destroyer of the light and has no essential purpose in this world but to feed and survive. Unlike the emotions of sadness, grief, heartache or despair that allow for the presence of other emotional states and feelings. Depression is a hungry ghost that consumes all other emotions and quietly seeps into every aspect of an individual’s being and takes control. Depression is a psychological, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual cancer that usually creeps in without notice.

Depression often begins with the small dismissals of our personal truth. It can take root in a childhood where truth was replaced by manufactured smiles and compliancy. When a child’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and truth are ignored or ridiculed, the authentic self is numbed into silence and nonexistence. Gradually and throughout life, this denial of the true self only intensifies. Socialized to live by outer expectations and be who others want us to be, layers and layers of the false dim our Inner Light. We compromise, ignore and suppress who we are and what we feel. This creates an energetic vacuum that allows the energy of depression to settle deep into our heart our bones and our soul. Without the light of our truth and the power of our spirit, we are vulnerable and defenceless. We become immobilized and with severe depression and can no longer find our Inner Light. We cannot hear the voice of our soul and we live within the prison of darkness.

Signs of Depression

True depression is more than feeling down and sad. Feeling the highs and lows that come with life is natural and normal. Depression is a lack of feeling and a deadening of the spirit. If you experience several of these signs and symptoms that do not go away, you are likely depressed.

*   Changes in sleep, you either sleep too much or too little

*   Exhausted, fatigue, loss of energy

*   Feelings of worthlessness, self-loathing

*   Physical aches and pains

*   Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness

*   Inability to control negative thoughts, no matter how much you try

*   Inability to concentrate and difficulty performing simple tasks.

*   Loss of appetite or continuous eating

*   Feeling Irritable, aggressive and short-tempered

*   Engaging in reckless behavior, consuming excessive amount of alcohol or illegal drug use

*   Thoughts of suicide, life is painful and you will do anything to stop the pain.

If you struggle with depression you cannot ignore it and hope it will go away. Although depression may intensify or subside, if it is lying dormant within you, it will surface. However the true you is buried deep within and you must do everything that you can do to activate its presence and power.

Reclaiming Your Light

Everyone experiences depression a bit differently and your path out of depression will also be unique to you. Here are some strategies.

1.      Talk to Someone. As difficult as it might be to acknowledge that you need help, reaching out to another begins the healing process. Start with someone who you are comfortable with. This may be someone in your family or a friend. Be honest and express what you are experiencing. Depression loves isolation and once you begin to share what you are feeling, you invite new energy into your life.

2.       Seek out professional healers. You are in need of healing. A part of you will resist getting help. This is the depression talking, your mind, body and emotions are being held hostage. Do not give into this thought. A good doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor or therapist can make a significant difference. In addition, consider seeking the assistance of credible energy healers. Depression is a dark and negative energetic vampire that is feeding off of your energy. It is essential to open and clear your subtle energy body and remove any negative attachments.

Depression can make you vulnerable to attracting other negative thought forms. Find a healer who can detach these energies, clear your subtle energy body and strengthen your aura. This may be an energy healer, a Reiki practitioner, a Shaman or someone who works with the angelic realm. Get a referral from someone that you trust. If a healing practitioner tells you that he or she can heal you for an astronomical amount of money, find someone else. A true healer will charge a reasonable fee for their service.

3.      Create the conditions for a break-through. It is essential that you initiate an avenue for your authentic self to emerge. Inner and outer movement will stimulate and allow healing vital life force energy into your mind, body and spirit. Take some form of action.

Do yoga, get a massage, and sit in a hot tub, sauna or steam room. Get out doors and walk, run, bike or any other physical activity. The sun, wind, moon, the stars and trees and flowers broadcast source energy. If you cannot exercise, sit outdoors, close your eyes and breathe in the natural world. Create art; go to the movies, to a play, or to a live concert. Hit a mattress with a tennis racket. Sit in front of a fire. Yell, scream, climb a tree or plant a garden.

Eat healthy and drink clean water. Natural whole foods contain vital life source energy. The energy of the earth and the sun are absorbed within and will revitalize you at a cellular level.

4.      Help others. We tend to open our hearts and give more to others than we are willing to give to ourselves. Get the love within flowing outward. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or any environment where others are in need. Talk to others, look in their eyes and listen to their struggles. Feel your heart open and give. It can also be helpful to work in an animal shelter or rescue animals. Be sure to do this with others or with a group. Remember depression loves isolation. Absorb the energy of those who freely give their love, time and attention. Be this person. As you give, you receive. Loving and sharing your unique talents and love dispels depression. It cannot exist in someone who is in their truth and whose light shines.

5.      Know who you are. Listen within, meditate and make a commitment to live in a way that is true to you. Whatever it is that makes you uniquely you, do it. It does not matter what others think, what you have been told about you or the past roles that you have played. Get rid of the false. Live only in your truth and keep digging deep inside and expressing who you are. No matter what anyone says or thinks. Be you.

You can heal. There is nothing outside of you that is more powerful than what is within you. Although depression can be convincing advisory, the universe flows in the direction of goodness and love.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Love is the Cure to Despair!

Love is the Cure to Despair

By Marcia Sirota MD

When a person lives through hurtful experiences, whether they’re childhood trauma, war, natural disasters or forced displacement, they can lose the spark that makes life feel worth living. Too much hurt, too many negative experiences can cause a person to shut down emotionally, so much so that they feel dulled inside. This inner dullness is a defense against the pain but it backfires, making the person want to withdraw from their loved ones, their work, their creative pursuits, even their spiritual life. They can become filled with hopelessness and despair. The cure to this despair has a few components: First, the person needs to face their hurts, losses, anger and they need to release all the pain inside them. This can only be done in a safe, therapeutic environment. Without safety and guidance, the feelings either won’t be released, or they’ll be too overwhelming for the person to bear. Second, the person who’s filled with despair must reconnect with the love within them: the love that lives naturally in everyone’s heart.

They must find the self-love that is the birthright of every human being and know that whatever happened to them was not about them, and whatever bad choices they might have made, subsequently were as a result of their being wounded. Part of rediscovering self-love is self-forgiveness, and that goes a long way toward healing despair. Finally, the person needs to open their heart and feel the love they have for all living beings.
This love will connect them once again to life and make life feel worth living. Loving others can take a person out of the dark places in their mind and help them focus outward, on positive interactions with others. Loving others means letting go of the victim mentality of “What has been done to me?” and shifting into a victor’s mentality of “How can I transform my suffering into the energy to do good in the world?” Loving others encourages a person to make a positive contribution to the world. All the good a person is doing will mitigate against all the bad that they’ve witnessed or experienced.  When we choose love over hurt and anger, we can begin to let go of despair and feel fully alive again.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The International Association for Suicide Prevention.

Light a candle near a window at 8 pm on the 10 September 2014 to show support for Suicide Prevention in remembrance of a lost loved one and for the survivor's of Suicide.

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