Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spirit Guides!

There are many kinds of spiritual beings and it’s always best to use your discretion when you are communicating with the spiritual realm.

When you connect with angels of love and light and your loving spirit guides for guidance, you are connecting with a high clear vibration of spirit thus avoiding the lower darker vibrational spirits.

Your spirit guides always offer you unconditional love and light and are willing to give you protection, guidance and good advice. They encourage you to accomplish your soul’s objectives and intentions for this lifetime.
You have a life guide and guardian angels that are with you throughout your life until you pass over to the next realm. In your life you will also have different guides who specialise in helping you with certain lessons you need to learn in your life.  They will also assist you with specific areas that you may be focusing on at a particular time in your life and give you guidance when you ask them to.

Listed below are the most common types of helpful spirit guides who are available to you in your life.

Typical Spirit Guides:

Life Guides are with you from birth to death.  They manage and co-ordinate your spirit team such as other spirit guides, angels and spiritual teachers at any given time during the course of your life.

Master Guides have developed great universal awareness or mastery.  They oversee your spiritual development and speak through channels to disseminate teachings.  Master Guides have usually had many incarnations through which they have achieved clarity and knowledge.  An individual may have more than one Master Guide with them.

Gatekeeper Guides protect and keep your Akashic records i.e. your personal soul records. They remind you subtly regarding what healing, knowledge or advancement you require in your current experience.  Gatekeeper Guides also protect you against dark forces or entities.  They assist past loved ones to reach you when it is for your highest good.

Pathfinder - are guides who help you to fulfil your worldly needs.  These are the spirits to call upon for assistance on the material plane as well as the acquisition of things.

Teacher Guides specialise in various areas and they come to you when you need to learn specific lessons. They provide guidance in dreams and meditation and very often leave clues and signs for you.  They assist you as long as they are needed to and then they move on.

Timing Guides assist you to meet the right people, at the right place and time to align you with new opportunities in your life. Synchronicity is their art.

Karmic Guides are with you to help you to overcome personal and collective karma which opens the way for you to experience love and spiritual growth.

Creative Guides assist you with creativity.

Protection Guides are highly enlightened and they are with you from birth.  They are your protectors against temptations and any forms of harm whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.

Astral Guides are with you while you sleep or meditate.  They guide your experience in the astral realm.

Joy Guides are childlike and playful.  They are with you to help you to find joy and happiness in your life.  Laughter is key to connecting with your joy guide.

Helper Guides assist you as long as you need them to with current projects or issues that you are dealing with at the time and then they move on.
Your spirit guides work together in harmony with your higher-self by supporting and caring for you during your life’s journey.

There are very many similar vibratory beings to the spirit guides who also offer unconditional love, support, protection and guidance.  They are of course Power Animals, Nature Spirits, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Saints. All you need to do is ask them for their help and they will gladly oblige.

Remember you have free will and it’s up to you to ask your spirit guides and other enlightened beings for their help.  No one will interfere or offer you guidance without your permission.  All you need to do is just ask them.  They love you so much and are eager to help you all the time.  Their guidance and assistance alleviates all the stresses and strains throughout your journey in this lifetime.

Blessings and Peace to you!

© 2014 Debra Heylen. All Rights Reserved.

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