Friday, March 21, 2014

The Difference between Thinking & Intuition!

Sometimes we confuse conscious thinking with intuition. Thinking is not intuition, it is an entirely different process that provides us with an entirely different set of information. Misinterpreting thinking as intuition would be like misperceiving a taste for a smell.

Just like our five senses, intuition is a process of observation. We can then follow-up this observation with conscious thought to make rational sense of our reality.

The combination of intuition and rational thinking can be a very useful process, as long as the process of observation is not interfered with by conscious thought AKA judgement.

When we judge before we observe, nothing changes, and we see only what we expect to see. We limit our awareness when we limit the process of observation.

This would be a similar experience to the difference between taking one bite out of a pie, compared to eating the entire thing. You could take one bite and say "oh this is the most delicious pie!" However, you don't really KNOW the pie - you only know one little piece. The rest of the pie has been judged and assumed to be exactly as that one piece.

This same type of experience is what limits our intuitive sense. Many times, we pick up on some information intuitively, but immediately judge the rest. We pick up on a few "bits" of information, and assume the rest is based upon something we already know.

A good example of this is how we are quick to judge other people based upon how they dress, what they say, or who they associate themselves with. By immediately judging others, we miss out on the truth of who they really are.

The fact is, we are actually unaware of an insanely large majority of things that exist within our reality. Our conscious thought, however, creates the illusion that we already DO know it all.

This aspect of ourselves is what keeps us within a cycle of illusion, as we constantly judge our reality based on past knowledge or what we've been told, before actually experiencing it for what it really is.

When we transcend thought, we allow our intuitive senses to thrive and bring new information to us that facilitates the transformation of ourselves and the perceptions we hold about the world around us.

Some would define this process as "awakening".

~ Peter William ~

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