Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Alchemy of Twin Flames.

Twin flame relationships are primarily heart and soul based relationships. They are designed to teach us about spiritual truth.

The goal, if you like, of these Sacred relationships is to achieve inner harmonization and soul realization.

You could liken the energy of a twin flame relationship to the incoming and outgoing flow of energy, as represented by the infinity symbol.

The most important path towards unification with your twin… is the path of self healing. By this we mean to place your own Soul first. To fill up your own cup – to fulfill your own soul’s calling.

To become whole (holy) within.

Look to yourself, before you look outwards. As within, so without.

Come home to yourself. Come home to your sweet heart. Re-connect from this Divine space within.

The heart’s chamber is where the true alchemy of a twin flame reunion occurs. * This is the true reunion. *

When you re-unite with your Beloved from inside the sacred space of your heart… you will sense a shift.

It is the shift from mind to heart.

People look everywhere, over lifetimes to find this Holy Grail. But the cup is within. It is a cup filled with Love. A Mother’s Love… overflowing and unconditional, no matter what.

When you unite inside the hidden chamber of your heart… a golden bridge of energy can form …and it is on this bridge, where you will meet, and release all sense of separation, which kept you apart.

If you still feel separated, then it is because you are looking at it from mind, and not Divine truth, which you know, because you are.

Once you awaken, just like the story of sleeping beauty (symbolic of the souls awakening)… you will come to know that true love always existed between you and your Beloved.

You will feel true love, you will see true love, you will know true love.

You will recognize that true love cannot die or be denied…

The quest for Holy reunion, begins and ends, within.

Credited Source: Twin Flame Reunion fb - via Sam (from

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