Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beloved Mother Mary!

“Blessed Children of My Heart, I come to remind you of the Christ that is ever close at hand. You need only to reach the level of Love, Harmony and Peace within your own Heart to have the Garment of Light descend into your midst, displacing all sense of loss, separation, sorrow, or pain so that you might be the Christ that holds the balance for one who is lost, that keeps the watch for your brothers and sisters so in need in the hour of their desperation to feel the Comfort Flame of their own Christ Presence, the Hand of God.

“You have been taught the Power of Invocation so that you might reinforce any trembling within your own countenance, any stumbling or question, elevating your vibration into one of strength so that you are prepared to be that stalwart Presence of God where you are. For if you were to lower your gaze into the depths of the separation of outer darkness of most of mankind, you would not be the example charting the course for a new way of life that the Sons and Daughters of God so desire within their Heart to follow.

“This new way of life you have come to know as an Ascended Master Way. What makes it so is the Vibration, the discipline, and the consciousness that is held within your own awareness – not merely that you stumble on in some unillumined or accidental way – but that it is by choice, by Mastery and Attainment you enter into the Secret Chamber of the Heart with the awareness of your consciousness wrapped round about in the comfort and Peace of the Presence of God. From there you are able to enter into the Power of Invocation, the Power of Prayer, of visualization that allows you to change, not only the vibration and the circumstances of your own life but to greater anchor the Power of the Light of God into every circumstance where there is need.

“You have understood that the Necessity Ray is one that requires you to respond, not only timely, but with proficiency and accuracy that is only won by the discipline and practice in your day-to-day life. You could not expect to become an Ascended Master overnight, going from one place in consciousness into the exalted state of the Immortal Consciousness of the Presence. You have understood that it is a process by which you gain that Mastery…”

March 16, 2008
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Carolyn Louise Shearer, Anointed Representative
The Temple of The Presence

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