Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Message from Sananda!

"You know, that when you stand up and do something different in this world, there are many who will criticize you, question you, and tell you to get back with the program. Many of you have experienced this. Perhaps you tried to tell someone you know about ascension, and they thought you were crazy. And you said, “I know I’m crazy, but this is still true.” There’s nothing wrong with being a little crazy. Most of the great accomplishments of humanity have been done by people who were somewhat eccentric. Those who go along with the patterns and thought forms of the herd mentality will experience just that – the mundane. Perhaps they are waiting for you to go ahead and blaze the trail. And if you hold back and continue to have a mundane sense of reality and don’t give yourself to Spirit, then you are not helping them to grow either. You are only fortifying that belief in limitation."

~ Sananda through Eric Klein ~
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