Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Alchemy of Twin Flames.

Twin flame relationships are primarily heart and soul based relationships. They are designed to teach us about spiritual truth.

The goal, if you like, of these Sacred relationships is to achieve inner harmonization and soul realization.

You could liken the energy of a twin flame relationship to the incoming and outgoing flow of energy, as represented by the infinity symbol.

The most important path towards unification with your twin… is the path of self healing. By this we mean to place your own Soul first. To fill up your own cup – to fulfill your own soul’s calling.

To become whole (holy) within.

Look to yourself, before you look outwards. As within, so without.

Come home to yourself. Come home to your sweet heart. Re-connect from this Divine space within.

The heart’s chamber is where the true alchemy of a twin flame reunion occurs. * This is the true reunion. *

When you re-unite with your Beloved from inside the sacred space of your heart… you will sense a shift.

It is the shift from mind to heart.

People look everywhere, over lifetimes to find this Holy Grail. But the cup is within. It is a cup filled with Love. A Mother’s Love… overflowing and unconditional, no matter what.

When you unite inside the hidden chamber of your heart… a golden bridge of energy can form …and it is on this bridge, where you will meet, and release all sense of separation, which kept you apart.

If you still feel separated, then it is because you are looking at it from mind, and not Divine truth, which you know, because you are.

Once you awaken, just like the story of sleeping beauty (symbolic of the souls awakening)… you will come to know that true love always existed between you and your Beloved.

You will feel true love, you will see true love, you will know true love.

You will recognize that true love cannot die or be denied…

The quest for Holy reunion, begins and ends, within.

Credited Source: Twin Flame Reunion fb - via Sam (from

Friday, March 28, 2014

Let The Music Flow!

I closed my eyes and let the music flow through me,
cleansing my soul of all fear and sin
and reminding me that I am always better than I think
and stronger than I believe.

~ Paul Coelho ~

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Difference between Thinking & Intuition!

Sometimes we confuse conscious thinking with intuition. Thinking is not intuition, it is an entirely different process that provides us with an entirely different set of information. Misinterpreting thinking as intuition would be like misperceiving a taste for a smell.

Just like our five senses, intuition is a process of observation. We can then follow-up this observation with conscious thought to make rational sense of our reality.

The combination of intuition and rational thinking can be a very useful process, as long as the process of observation is not interfered with by conscious thought AKA judgement.

When we judge before we observe, nothing changes, and we see only what we expect to see. We limit our awareness when we limit the process of observation.

This would be a similar experience to the difference between taking one bite out of a pie, compared to eating the entire thing. You could take one bite and say "oh this is the most delicious pie!" However, you don't really KNOW the pie - you only know one little piece. The rest of the pie has been judged and assumed to be exactly as that one piece.

This same type of experience is what limits our intuitive sense. Many times, we pick up on some information intuitively, but immediately judge the rest. We pick up on a few "bits" of information, and assume the rest is based upon something we already know.

A good example of this is how we are quick to judge other people based upon how they dress, what they say, or who they associate themselves with. By immediately judging others, we miss out on the truth of who they really are.

The fact is, we are actually unaware of an insanely large majority of things that exist within our reality. Our conscious thought, however, creates the illusion that we already DO know it all.

This aspect of ourselves is what keeps us within a cycle of illusion, as we constantly judge our reality based on past knowledge or what we've been told, before actually experiencing it for what it really is.

When we transcend thought, we allow our intuitive senses to thrive and bring new information to us that facilitates the transformation of ourselves and the perceptions we hold about the world around us.

Some would define this process as "awakening".

~ Peter William ~

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Whispers of Angels!

there are places
places on earth
that are magical
that no words can
hope to describe
where your soul
empty and drained
is restored
where the whispers
of angels
shimmer through the trees
as if on a mist
and peacefully
and gently floating
on the summer breeze
drifting weaving
falling on my face
filling me with grace

Written by Michael Traveler.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Relationships Can Be Our Greatest Learning Lessons!

Relationships are mirror images of your own life, how you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you react and respond to different situations and people that are around you. All relationships whether they’re on an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level are all part of the learning process and enlightenment of the soul.

No matter what category a relationship falls into, it acts as a teaching tool for you to understand the lessons that your soul needs to learn. It can help you to understand, change, or enhance your individual qualities.

Every relationship is an opportunity for soul growth. Different types of relationships have an uncanny way of showing you where and what you need to work on in your life. At times, they reveal your vulnerabilities and insecurities, or your need for attention, approval, and acceptance. Equally, they can identify where you may be stuck in a rut, or where you need love, peace, healing, or joy in your life.

Even a difficult relationship that you are either experiencing now, or have dealt with in the past can act as a huge spiritual change agent if you learned from it, and if it made you grow and become a better person. Remember not all relationships have to be one-on-one with just one individual. They can be with a group, an organization, a pet, or even an incident or situation.

Some relationships are simply there for you to experience love, or it could also be a way of showing you what you don’t want in your next relationship. So when it’s time to develop a relationship, you’ll be more aware and have the ability to manifest the type of relationship you want – one that serves your highest purpose. Whatever the case, when you learn to open your heart and view a particular relationship through the eyes of your soul, you’ll discover an even better relationship that’s waiting for you – the relationship of your soul-self.

~ John Holland ~

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Message from the Angels!

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

All growth is born out of desire. The seeds in the ground reach for the sun because they desire light. The cells in the body send signals to the brain because they desire nourishment. The roots of a tree grow far and wide seeking water. And you too dear ones, grow in greater understandings and love as you reach for the desires planted within your own hearts.

You can "survive" this human existence without much growth if you like. You can remain closed to new experiences, rest in an eternal comfort zone, and "get by." However, while there is nothing wrong at all with enjoying a period of dormancy - nature does the same - sooner or later, like the seed laying in the ground, you will desire growth, movement, and change. At first these desires will seem very exciting to you! They are God's whispers in your heart. "Try something new. Learn something. Open to a discussion you might not have had. Open your heart to a person you might have judged." Energy starts to flow through you as you simply acknowledge these inner urgings from God, the sunshine that beckons the seeds within you to sprout.

And then, all too often, human fears and conditioned responses begin to dampen your enthusiasm. You tell yourself, "I don't know how. I don't have time. I might get hurt. I can't love again. I can't fail again," and on you go, trying so hard to stay safe in that shell, while all the while your soul is bursting to grow. This type of stagnation is far different than dormancy. In dormant periods of life, you crave rest. It feels deep and wonderful. You are content in your inactivity, like a kitty sitting in a warm windowsill. However in periods of resistance, you feel edgy, discontent, desiring movement, and yet filled with reasons why you cannot create change. Resistance feels anxious, confining, and often painful.

So when there is a desire in your heart, acknowledge it, take the steps you know to take, and trust God to do the rest. Open your hearts to the new when you are guided. Open yourselves to life when the desires arise. The very shells you built to protect yourselves will eventually become confining as your spirit yearns to expand. Breathe life into your bodies, your minds, and your souls, by allowing the desires that arise naturally from within to guide you. Life is calling you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels via Ann Albers --

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Embracing Womanhood!

When any woman honors herself, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being.

There are many ways and myriad reasons for women to honor and embrace all that they are. And when any individual woman chooses to do so, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being. By honoring her experience and being willing to share it with others—both male and female—she teaches as she learns. When she can trust herself and her inner voice, she teaches those around her to trust her as well. Clasping hands with family members and friends, coworkers and strangers in a shared walk through the journey of life, she allows all to see the self-respect she possesses and accepts their respect, too, that is offered through look, word, and deed.

When a woman can look back into her past, doing so without regret and instead seeing only lessons that brought her to her current strength and wisdom, she embraces the fullness of her experience. She helps those around her to build upon the past as she does. And when she chooses to create her desires, she places her power in the present and moves forward with life into the future.

Seeing her own divinity, a woman learns to recognize the divinity in all women. She then can see her body as a temple, appreciating its feminine form and function, regardless of what age or stage of life she finds herself. She can enjoy all that it brings to her experience and appreciate other women and their experiences as well. Rather than seeing other women as competition, she can look around her to see the cycle of life reflected in the beauty of her sisters, reminding her of her own radiance should she ever forget. She can then celebrate all the many aspects that make her a being worthy of praise, dancing to express the physical, speaking proudly to express her intellect, sharing her emotions, and leading the way with her spiritual guidance. Embracing her womanhood, she reveals the facets that allow her to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond to illuminate her world.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Essential Authenticity - Revealing Your True Self!

Our true selves exist whether we acknowledge them or not, often buried under fears and learned behavior.

Identity is an elusive concept. We feel we must define ourselves using a relatively small selection of roles and conscious character traits, even if none accurately represents our notion of “self.” The confusion surrounding our true natures is further compounded by the fact that society regularly asks us to suppress so much of our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual vibrancy. Yet we are, in truth, beings of light—pure energy inhabiting physical bodies, striving for enlightenment while living earthly lives. Our true selves exist whether we acknowledge them or not, often buried under fears and learned behavior. When we recognize our power, our luminosity, and our divinity, we cannot help but live authentic lives of appreciation, potential, fulfillment, and grace.

At birth and throughout your childhood, your thoughts and feelings were more than likely expressions of your true self. Though you may have learned quickly that to speak and act in a certain fashion would win others’ approval, you understood innately that you were no ordinary being. There are many ways you can recapture the authenticity you once articulated so freely. Meditation can liberate you from the bonds of those earthly customs that compel you to downplay your uniqueness. Also, communing with nature can remind you of the special role you were meant to play in this lifetime. In order to realize your purpose, you must embrace your true self by letting your light shine forth, no matter the consequences.

Rediscovering who you are apart from your roles and traits takes time and also courage. If, like many, you have denied your authenticity for a long while, you may find it difficult to separate your true identity from the identity you have created to cope with the world around you. Once you do find this authentic self, however, you will be overcome by a wonderful sense of wholeness as you reconcile your spiritual aspect and your physical aspect, as well as your inner- and outer-world personas. As you gradually adjust to this developing unity, your role as a being of light will reveal itself to you, and you will discover that you have a marvellous destiny to fulfill.

~ Madisyn Taylor ~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beloved Mother Mary!

“Blessed Children of My Heart, I come to remind you of the Christ that is ever close at hand. You need only to reach the level of Love, Harmony and Peace within your own Heart to have the Garment of Light descend into your midst, displacing all sense of loss, separation, sorrow, or pain so that you might be the Christ that holds the balance for one who is lost, that keeps the watch for your brothers and sisters so in need in the hour of their desperation to feel the Comfort Flame of their own Christ Presence, the Hand of God.

“You have been taught the Power of Invocation so that you might reinforce any trembling within your own countenance, any stumbling or question, elevating your vibration into one of strength so that you are prepared to be that stalwart Presence of God where you are. For if you were to lower your gaze into the depths of the separation of outer darkness of most of mankind, you would not be the example charting the course for a new way of life that the Sons and Daughters of God so desire within their Heart to follow.

“This new way of life you have come to know as an Ascended Master Way. What makes it so is the Vibration, the discipline, and the consciousness that is held within your own awareness – not merely that you stumble on in some unillumined or accidental way – but that it is by choice, by Mastery and Attainment you enter into the Secret Chamber of the Heart with the awareness of your consciousness wrapped round about in the comfort and Peace of the Presence of God. From there you are able to enter into the Power of Invocation, the Power of Prayer, of visualization that allows you to change, not only the vibration and the circumstances of your own life but to greater anchor the Power of the Light of God into every circumstance where there is need.

“You have understood that the Necessity Ray is one that requires you to respond, not only timely, but with proficiency and accuracy that is only won by the discipline and practice in your day-to-day life. You could not expect to become an Ascended Master overnight, going from one place in consciousness into the exalted state of the Immortal Consciousness of the Presence. You have understood that it is a process by which you gain that Mastery…”

March 16, 2008
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Carolyn Louise Shearer, Anointed Representative
The Temple of The Presence

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sexual Energy!

"Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. In animals and other life forms, sexual energy expresses itself as biological creativity. In humans, sexual energy can be creative at all levels -- physical, emotional and spiritual. In any situation -- where we feel attraction, arousal, awakening, alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity, enthusiasm -- in each of these situations, sexual energy is at work. Whenever we feel these states of awareness, we must put our attention on the energy that we are experiencing, nourishing it with our attention, experiencing it with joy and keeping it alive in our awareness.

Sexual desire is sacred and chaste. The suppression of sexual energy is false, ugly and unchaste.

During sexual union, there is union between flesh and spirit.

Bliss, carefreeness and playfulness are the essence of sex.

To improve your sexual experiences, get rid of your expectations.

Expectations are primarily in three areas: 1) Performance, exemplified in the question, "How am I doing?" 2) Feeling, exemplified in the question, "How am I feeling?" 3) Security, exemplified in the question, "Do you love me?"

In sex, as in all areas of life, resistance is born of fear. All resistance is mental. It implies judgment against what is being felt. Sex becomes a problem when it gets mixed with hidden emotions such as shame, guilt and anger.

Sexual intimacy is the road to the taste or experience of true freedom, because it is the one area of life in which we can become completely uninhibited and free.

Sexual fulfillment occurs when the experience comes from playfulness instead of need. Frequently people bring their conflicts and needs into the sexual experience. When sex is used to fulfill needs, it leads to addiction. When sex comes from playfulness, the result is ecstasy.

All problems related to sex, neurosis, deviancy, sexual misbehavior, violence, abuse, can be traced to resistance, suppression and repression -- not to the sexual urges themselves. If we are allowed to discover our urges, desires and emotions, without outside inhibition, they won't go to extremes. Extremism, in any form, is a reaction to repression, inhibition and suppression. Aggression and violence are the shadow energies of fear and impotence.

Sex is a means of escaping our little self or ego. It is many peoples' only experience of meditation.
Meaningful sex has to be value based. Values are personal. Each situation that has sexual energy in it, involves the whole human being and their entire value system. My values may be different from yours, and I have no right to be the moral judge of anyone's values. It is important, however, to have core values, and respect them. Without values, we become spiritually bankrupt. Sexual experience will never cause problems and will always be joyful, if lovers share the same values.

True intimacy is union between flesh and flesh, between subtle body and subtle body, between soul and soul. Sexual energy is sacred energy. When we have restored the sexual experience to the realm of the sacred, our world will be chaste and divine, holy and healed."

~Deepak Chopra~

Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Inner Wisdom!

Dear One,

You have within you all the love and wisdom you need to be whole and live in a holy way in the world. Each time you seek outside yourself for these qualities, you find a little more of your confidence and self-esteem slipping away.

This is not to say that you should not seek advice from others. But when this advice is received, there must be a time of reflection before you act on it. When advice is appropriate for you to act on, there will be a sense of resonance within you, a little feeling of rightness, if not a wholehearted “Yes!”

Sensitivity to this resonance can be developed. Pray to know what is in your highest good beyond a shadow of a doubt, and be willing to act when this knowing is clear. This is taking responsibility for your life, and will pay off in large future dividends as you begin to know the truth within yourself, and act accordingly.

Looking to others for your truth throws your whole body out of balance. Energy moves into the head as you strain to listen only with the mind and not the heart or your gut. The old sayings about “gut-level knowing” is extremely valuable. This way of knowing goes beyond common sense, to an uncommon sense of what is right for you. No one else can tell you what is right for you. Pray to know your own Truth.

This is a time of change on the planet. Many are finding that the old ways no longer work. Businesses are struggling; so are families, relationships, and governments. It seems the challenges are so large that the answers are unclear. We can know that if we were enlightened enough in any situation, we would see that there is always an inspired and creative solution. We can affirm and pray for this in the world, as well as within our own lives.

All that goes on in our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. So when we begin trusting our own answers within, these small steps will lead to leaping bounds in our lives. We have spoken of the resonance available within when others speak to you of what they believe is correct action for you to take. This same inner knowing is the mechanism to be used when you look to your own inner guidance.

Take the time to stop and breathe, before acting. The breath holds the connection to Divine Guidance. Experience this feeling now, as your energy field expands along with your body when you breathe deeply. Feel your feet connecting to the earth and the Pillar of Light from above your head to below your feet. As you do this, you become a Bridge from Heaven to Earth.

Now you are ready to listen to the Truth and Wisdom within you, and remember your message from the Angels today:

The teachers you seek are love and wisdom. They are within you.

~ Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Message from Sananda!

"You know, that when you stand up and do something different in this world, there are many who will criticize you, question you, and tell you to get back with the program. Many of you have experienced this. Perhaps you tried to tell someone you know about ascension, and they thought you were crazy. And you said, “I know I’m crazy, but this is still true.” There’s nothing wrong with being a little crazy. Most of the great accomplishments of humanity have been done by people who were somewhat eccentric. Those who go along with the patterns and thought forms of the herd mentality will experience just that – the mundane. Perhaps they are waiting for you to go ahead and blaze the trail. And if you hold back and continue to have a mundane sense of reality and don’t give yourself to Spirit, then you are not helping them to grow either. You are only fortifying that belief in limitation."

~ Sananda through Eric Klein ~

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Imagine The Future Now!

Imagine for a moment that you are several years ahead in the future and the Earth and all her inhabitants have profoundly changed. What seemed impossible and totally utopian in the eyes of many has come to pass. Imagine that a new existence, devoid of any of the perils and torments of the past, is now possible for all souls dwelling on this New Earth.

Imagine, if you will, that every human being is now recognized as a full-fledged member of the wonderful human family, and that no one goes lacking in the essential material elements that make a fulfilling, happy life possible. Every child is cared for and not a single one goes hungry or in dire poverty. The level of Love and Harmony between all humans and with all of Nature is simply astounding... No one has to do any activity that is detrimental to the vital commons on which all Life depends.

The kindness and compassion that is shown and experienced by every single soul is simply awe-inspiring. No one tries to dominate or take advantage of anyone. Everyone is passionate about helping others, experiencing all the wonders of Life and being the best possible expression of the profound wisdom and light emanating from their soul.

Now, holding this vision in your soul's eye, try to imagine how you feel, living in such a pristine, vibrant environment, knowing that Love, Peace and Harmony prevail, sensing your Oneness with all your brothers and sisters, viewing in their eyes the sparkling expression of the living, radiant soul each human is...

Allow this feeling of sheer happiness to grow in your heart and embrace your entire being... Let ecstasy tingle in everyone of your cells... Let Love shine through you... And KNOW that what you are feeling now is ABSOLUTELY real...

Now, enable the sense of Oneness pervading your soul to expand and encompass every other form of Life, every other soul, every other atom of this Great, Magnificent Being of Love that You Are... as One... with All That is... And from that place of sublime, blissful Omniversal Awareness, further expand your sense of Self to integrate the very perception of your Universal Beingness, as One Within the Creator...

Do not press ahead for more thoughts. Just Be! You have arrived... Let it BE... And as you ARE blissfully aware of this magnificent future that, by virtue of your contemplation of its existence, is now immanently manifested, you co-create, and will continue to co-create, by the very essence of your radiant Presence, what is soon to fully manifest, for the Highest Good of All.

~ Jean Hudon ~

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