Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Twin Flame Energy with Another!

"It is normal to first feel the Twin Flame energy with a person who does not feel exactly the same way. For some, it can even be with a stranger on the street, someone they've not said two words to. These people are what we call "Messengers pointing to the Flame". They hold the energy to a certain degree, which is why they, too, feel a connection to you, but they do not hold the energy to the vastness of the closest physical instance of your true Twin Flame. Pay attention to their energy and what it's teaching you about the Twin Flame (journal about it. Write it all down.). For instance, is your messenger's dominant energy masculine or feminine? Remember, this has nothing to do with gender. A man can also have more feminine energy than masculine. Then, pinpoint the Twin Flame energy within yourself; in other words, this would be your inner lover dominated by either Your divine inner masculine or divine inner feminine. Become aware of both these energies within you, balance them, and then you will be in a very good position to magnetize and recognize the closest physical manifestation of your true Twin Flame. Never forget, the closest physical instance will be a person who is as open to your inner flame as you are to their's. He or she will feel for you exactly as you do for them - a perfect reflection."

Written by Mary – Twin Flame Reunion – fb.

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