Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Divine Love - Twin Flames!

"The divine Lover (Twin Flame/spirit energy) is spirit without body; the spiritual lover (close Physical manifestation of the true Twin Flame/spirit energy) possesses spirit and body.”

 By Henry Corbin

"A twin soul does not appear as a man or woman you meet by chance and it’s love at first sight. The meeting with your twin soul is, first and foremost, a psychic process, whereby the higher part of you attracts its complementary part. When you have finally established the connection, you feel him or her there, living inside you.

If you truly wish to find your twin soul, begin by not going looking for them. Be content just to wait inwardly.

Only those who have had them can understand them. Always being disappointed, always looking for someone and not finding them! You think, “Ah, this is the one.” And then, after a while, you realize it isn’t. So, perhaps it’s someone else? And so it goes on, until you realize you have your twin soul within. And from then on, you find it everywhere. If you want to find true fulfilment, you must unify within yourself first."

~ O. M. Aivanhov ~

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