Friday, February 21, 2014

Love for Mother Earth!

Blyde River Canyon South Africa

It is so easy to go about our daily lives without giving a thought or even taking notice of the beauty around us that our Creator has blessed us with. 

We have all been sent to Mother Earth on a mission from our Creator to experience love and emotions and to learn from our daily experiences.  Mother Earth has opened her arms to welcome us here so that we can accomplish our mission for our Creator and hers.  We are all interconnected to each other and to Mother Earth, as she and we are One with the Creator.  She too is a living being;  a beautiful soul who feels the same emotions as we do.  Therefore, it is so important to give thanks to her for her warm comfort and hospitality to all of us for she loves us so very much.  Therefore let us show her our love and respect and gratitude through our responsible actions in preserving all that she so graciously offers us.

Remember Mother Earth is our home while we are on this journey together, and we should all endeavour together to keep her clean and tidy.  We must at all costs avoid polluting the air, the soil and the sea so that she can continue to offer us a clean and fresh environment for our earthly bodies to survive.  Take care of all of God’s creatures big and small too with love and respect for they too are on a sojourn with us on Mother Earth to teach us all invaluable lessons of unconditonal love and survival. 

Wars of murder and destruction on Mother Earth are an abomination to ourselves and to the Creator and it must stop!

Let us also consider our soul families who are going to incarnate and sojourn to Mother Earth for their future missions.  We would want their stay on Mother Earth to be a wonderful experience too.

Finally, when we leave Mother Earth let us leave her with our love and gratitude for being a loving Mother to us all.


© 2014 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

Consider Creation

All people of the earth, each and every nation
Arise and rejoice at the continued creation
Of beauty, of springtime, the yearly rebirth
Of our protector, our home, our own Mother Earth!
Who despite our apparent lack of care
Creates bountiful splendor for all to share
From mountain tops to the deepest sea
All wonderful earthly miracles bursting free!
Yet this miracle of renewal requires the helping hand
Of the people to replenish and renew the land
From the largest of cities to the most remote farms
To unite in spirit and with the strongest arms.
Become a midwife to the birth of each flower
A guardian of our resources hour by hour
We must learn to take time to appreciate
The miracles of which we did not create.
For God has given this wonderful treasure
And its preservation will be the measure
Of people who recognize and will celebrate
The birth of each season before it's too late.
In citizenship, in willingness to toil
We must bend our backs and tend to the soil
In stewardship, arise and applaud the worth
Of the wondrous marvel of our Living Earth!
Consider creation. . . . Consider it now.

Service from August 1992, "Coming to See"

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