Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Twin Flame Energy!

"The Twin Flame is NOT simply another person in a physical body to whom you are attracted on the Earth plane. Your Twin Flame is an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you -- before, during and after your life in a body. You are the same energy.

We are told that every relationship we have ever had has been a mirror or reflection of the inner state of our own heart at that time. Whatever beliefs are in your heart concerning Love, concerning relationship, will absolutely manifest before you in a partner or potential partner. In that sense "the Twin" is an absolute mirror or reflection and will show himself/herself in the world around you as a person embodying whatever your heart believes about Love. You will see reflected as much of the pure Love of the Twin as your heart is able to hold at any given moment.

Most of us have had ample evidence of this if we review our relationship history. To move to the purity of Twin Flame Love we all desire, it is time for us to remember who we are. We are deliverers of Love. We are cells in the heart of God. Our "Twin within" is waiting for us to claim our Wholeness and the Wholeness that we are in God so that a reflection of that which is Love and only Love may walk toward us on this Earth."

~ Yael Powell~


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