Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Twin Flame & You!


"The concept of twin flames is very popular with those on the spiritual path. So much so that it can become quite a sublime obsession where we can become quite lost. Why? It is easy for us to believe that a perfect match exists somewhere in the universe for us; one with whom we merge completely for eternity in blissful divine union. After all, don’t we spend much of our lives on the Earth plane searching for a soul mate? However, twin flames are not out there somewhere. You don’t need to look outside of your own soul. The twins are actually just the divine balancing of your own masculine and feminine energy; your own God and Goddess energies. When we see a separate twin flame, it is just a conscious expression of the masculine and feminine energy within us. It appears as a perfect match in the image of a man or woman due to our conscious awareness. Yes, we can have primary soul mates who are our very close soul group friends. These friends may also help us work through the illusion of separation between our masculine and feminine energies when we project our illusion onto them as being our perfect match. The divine feminine and masculine energies within you are what we call twin flames. The twin is within. It is all your energy. Bring these energies into the core of your being instead of projecting them outside of yourself and you’ll experience amazing divine balance."

~ Scott Parkinson ~

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