Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Turn your Wounds into a Source of Power!

Why is it possible for one person to turn their wounds into a source of power when another person cannot do it? Because one realizes and recognizes that it is possible and the other does not.

Throughout life we may be affected by all kind of adversities that leave us feeling wounded and afraid, but that is not to say that these wounds cannot be turned into a source of power. For within us there is an invisible influence, directing and urging us to rise above them. The deeper we come to understand and know this place, the more we will see that there is nothing we experience in the outer that is not an expression of the inner. Now, if we try to comprehend this truth using the power of reason alone, we will get caught up with theories and concepts as the human mind cannot comprehend the immensity of the Infinite.

Therefore, it may be necessary at first to embrace this truth with faith, for the mind may still be gripped with fear and with the things of the world. But as Love is returned to a place of authority, the meaning we have given to something will change and we will be able to turn our wounds into a source of power.

Even now, nobody or anything is holding us where we are. Each of us has the perfect love of God available to us. So indeed it is ultimately up to us whether we allow the delusion of victimhood to settle in our mind or whether we choose to abide in the Mind of God and let ourselves and others off the hook.

Begin then by forgiving yourself and your past. Look at every wound that you have ever felt and say within the mind:

'I choose now to bless you, to forgive you and to embrace you'.

With that blessing, release the hurt, the fear and the judgment. By releasing it you turn your wounds into a source of power. That memory dissolves into light and becomes part of an infinite journey that is constantly beckoning you to embrace your choice for healing and loving.

Written by Angelica & Terence Atman
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