Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Beginnings!

Many of us seem to believe
that we really don't fit in.
For the very first time we're seeing a light that lies far deep within.

Although our past is bleak at best in a way it's a comfort zone...
And now we see a new life revealed and in creeps the fear of un-known.

You put a child in a spinning capsule for most of his life she's fed...
Then the poor girl will find peace difficult unless she's standing on her head!

As sad as it feels this life is so real...our sub-conscience is filled with despair.
It takes certain measures to uncover our true treasures
The first is becoming aware.

The fears deep inside that continue to reside
must be erased for us to move on.
It lives without thinking
And our lives will keep sinking
Unless we say NO till they're gone.

To my understanding there are three things demanding
In order to change our sub thought.
But first is to be aware that these thoughts are not there
Only falsehoods from childhood we bought.

We must become mindful in all that we do
This opens the true beauty around
Instead of retracting we must think before acting
For the higher thoughts with love in each sound.

It's wise to write down these higher thought words for these will take place of our instinct...the ones that betray our true nature can't stay if we fill our mind with our new precinct.

That last stage that will help to turn page
Is to put thought and word into action.
Once this is done...then you will be One with this awesome and love filled reaction.

I love you All...
Never give up
Believe in yourself
Forgive yourself
You're All truly beautiful and your love is a breath away...

Written By Thomas May

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