Monday, September 2, 2013

From the Heart of Mother Mary!

You are the colors of the Rainbow ~ Within You lies such beauty creation bows down to Your Glory ~ You did know the rainbows are born for You. didn't You? My sweet Angel, just like the Rainbow, You are a magnificent expression of God!.. True happiness lies not in what you achieve, but in what You give... Give of your kindness, give of your goodness, give from your heart and give of your LOVE ~ The Blessings of God will surround you with Peace, Joy and true Happiness as you learn when you give to others you give to God ~ You are the Heart of God, my sweet Angel, and when you give to God you give to YOU.. You do know that I honor You, don't You?

For You have chosen to struggle and strain through the pain of human life, just like the butterfly who struggles and strains to be released from its cocoon so it may learn to fly ~ I honor you because You are willing to hurt, and feel, so you may awaken to your Divine Love ~
It is a process of Love, my sweet...

Channeled by Angel SundariShivali

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