Thursday, September 5, 2013

Divine Abundance!

Your prayers for an increased supply of money have been heard and answered. We angels are guiding you to be very open to receiving wealth by unexpected means. The more you can stay positive and hold on to the faith that your financial needs are being met, the sooner your dreams are realized.

The only block or barrier keeping money at bay is the fear of not having enough. This anxiety creates a repellent energy field around you, which acts like a wind machine, that blows the cash away. Fear creates a neon "Keep Out" sign that blocks the energy of money.

Today, allow us to help you unfold the love that's inside of you. Just as turning on a lamp instantly dissolves the darkness, this energy radiates away the shadow of fear. Go inward frequently throughout the day. Close your eyes and breath deeply, holding the intention of fully unveiling your inner light. Ask us to help with this aim, and we'll add our power to your own.

Love is the only true force in the universe, and God's will for you is abundance. Since both love and God are omnipresent, this bounty is everywhere. Open your heart to heaven and your arms to Divine abundance.

Thought for Today I cast any fears about money into the flame of light and love. Divine abundance is God's will for everyone, including me, so it's safe for me to receive. I allow the angels to heal any old financial worries and trade them for the loving certainty that God always has, and always will, provide for my needs.

~ Doreen Virtue~

Source: Guidance from Your Angels

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