Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Heart & The Twin Flame!

"With time and practice you will come to realise that within your heart is a direct connection to your Twin Flame.

By deep relaxation or meditation you can slow the mind's stream of thoughts until it becomes easy to switch awareness from the mind to the heart. This can be done through getting to know your Chakras (the energy in your body) and the energy that surrounds you - your EMF (electromagnetic field).

Upon becoming aware from the heart, you also will find that you become aware of your Twin Flame. With this you will find an overwhelming sense of inner peace and contentment, (and) in this moment you will understand that the heart has no boundaries and there is no separation between you.

You can use this connection when you need strength to overcome your personal issues. Being aware of your connection to your Twin Flame at the deepest levels will help you shed illusions from the past. Then, once you have resolved your inner issues, the Universe will bring you all that you desire in the way that is right for you."

~ Matt Bruton~

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