Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Fusion in the Reunion of God and Goddess/Twin Flames.

When you encounter your Beloved, your whole life is torn asunder, as you find that the peace you need is found within these pieces hovering and smothering you until you understand that you don’t have to attempt to piece them together, but allow them to flow into fusion together. In this flowing, you become more aware of what is transpiring, as you are inspiring yourself into becoming home within embodiment.  When you are nearing the imminent reunion of your bodies, there will be an intensifying of this interweaving and weaving of your oneness as all of your senses are stirred and whirred into awakening, releasing the forsaking. The key to this is to allow the succumbing without numbing, release the surrendering into the rendering, breathe as you feel the reeling, revealing and healing of your heart in its celestial capacity. Your being will be whisked away from the groundedness here on Earth into the roundedness of your Spirit. As you hear its voice whispering, wondrously in your ear, inviting you into this lighting of your essence unified with presence, let your innocence dance with your independence as they play in a way that brings the balancing of this rounded grounding. This is your energies founding and abounding within your vibrant vessels, surrounding you with the sweetness and completeness of this liquid, limitless, infinite and intimate LOVE. This union brings the fusion of all duality into unanimity.Face this love as you embrace it and grace the world with its dressings wrapped in your blessings.

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