Thursday, August 29, 2013

Release Your Past!

Each fearful situation or relationship that you encounter creates attachments on the etheric plane, which we angels call "cords." While some people can see these ties, everyone feels them, and they can lead to fatigue and physical pain. We'll work with you to release the cords of fear.

You, like most people, have experienced circumstances that aroused alarm or pain within you. The way that you deal with your past determines what you'll attract in the future, so it's important to release anything that you'd like to avoid in times to come.

The first step in the process is to alter you vocabulary. It's important to refrain from using words that sound as though you're the owner of a painful occurrence, such as "my accident" or "our loss." Describe the event in a depersonalized way to help your aura detach from it.

If you think, speak, or write about a hurtful situation, be sure to talk about it in the third person -- for example, "the accident" or "the loss." This decreases the power that the incident has over you and helps ensure that you won't continue to attract similar situations.

Thought for Today I speak of my past in impersonal ways. I hereby disown anything painful from my personal history. I only keep the lessons and the love, and I let everything else go. All my memories are now healed and filled with supportive thoughts and feelings.

~ Doreen Virtue~
Source: Daily Guidance from Your Angels

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