Monday, August 26, 2013


Ascended Master Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message for August 23 – 30, 2013 ~ Joy Finds Us ~ via Julie Miller.

How is it dear ones that you are able to find Joy, then hold onto it where it remains forever within your heart as its home when you are moving through difficult situations, where your physical body is aching, or if you moving through personal sadness? We know finding Joy during the hardest of times is very hard, but it is never impossible. When God is with you and He always is, anything is possible.

Whenever you find yourself dear ones struggling to bring Joy into your current life stream remember to never give up on Hope. Comprehend dear ones that all the Joy you are looking to bring into your current life stream is found deep within Hope. If you allow your Hope to disappear, then Joy goes with it. Think of Joy being an anchor for Hope. No matter what you are dealing with dear ones, as long as you hold Hope close to your heart and soul and never let it go, you will always have a door, a passage for Joy to enter your life.

There is always Hope in the healing and comfort from God’s beloved son, Jesus. There is deep comforting salvation in His nearness, you know His Love is eternal and you can rejoice in the simple knowing He shares His Hope with all of you. Be patient dear ones; continue working towards bringing more Joy into all areas of your life. It will happen; trust in yourself for the Love filled actions you demonstrate each and every day and trust in the power of God’s Love and the Healing of Jesus; knowing they are always close by, ready to give comfort and support just when you need it. Embrace their energy, and find yourself being lifted from any state of misery into a state of perpetual Joy.

Fear is another culprit that blocks out Joy. As long as you have fear or lingering doubt the Joy that could be yours will remain distant. Let go of the fear dear ones, dissolve your doubt and embrace the Joy that lives through your Hopeful heart. The more you let go of fear the more of God’s unwavering Light and Love can enter your current life stream, and His divine guidance will deliver you back to being Hopeful and discovering Joy as a result. God will always raise you up, by trusting in His Love you will climb mountains. When you have no doubts, your fears will leave and your beautiful heart and delightful mind will settle into a state of peace, Joy will suddenly come in and you will find yourself bathed in its sweetness from the inside out. Joy is a result of true heart and soul-felt peace. When there is Hope and a little patience peace is discovered and through them both Joy is the outcome and it demonstrates your trust and belief of God’s Love and Jesus’s amazing and divine healing.

When you are able to fully believe in God’s incredible power, in His Love and in His Mercy for all people and that He will support, guide and nurture each and every one of you, His energy, His nearness will truly raise you up; you will be unmistakably moved by the compassion He shares through you, and this compassion is then shared from you onto all that cross your path. Remember dear ones; God’s Joy is your Joy. 

Life up to now, for many dear souls has been challenging, you have come across difficult people, diverse personalities yet here you are still progressing forward with one foot in front of the other. As you continue to move along, remember the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. Remove yourself from the negative pull of holding grudges against those that had done you wrong, forgive them and forgive yourself and move on. Any amount of resentment that remains in your heart distances yourself from healing and liberating feeling you get when Joy is a part of your life. Forgiveness will heal not only your mind, but your heart and your body. If you are angry at God for any particular situation that didn’t turn out as you planned, do not continue blaming Him. Remember dear ones, He can only guide you, He cannot choose your decisions. He knows the choices you have made – good or bad. He knows of the learning you have done as a result. Anything that He has guided you to, He knows you can handle it. Ask from God for His mercy and find yourself abundantly gifted with His infinite Love and compassion.

It is understood, some situations that you have worked through or are working through now are challenging and it is difficult to stay loving and compassionate. When you are able to continue with the flow of unconditional Love even during the hardest of times, Joy comes to you much easier. Live in genuine Love; breathe it, give it and walk in Love. Love will never fail you dear ones, Love is always the answer and through the path of Love, Joy is found, as Joy is a true direct consequence of Love.

When you have dealt with any kind of pain, regardless if it was physical, mental or emotional pain, it is very hard to not give into the temptation of envying others, or complaining of your situation. When this negative feeling becomes noticeable dear ones, instead of going with this energy choose to be thankful. You have much to be thankful for, don’t compare yourself with another’s life, and understand dear ones when you complain nothing is gained but more negative feelings and misery.

Being envious of others, regardless if its envy of accomplishments, physical looks, financial situation, etc., can be a difficult habit to smother and let go. When you demonstrate envy you are speaking very loudly through your actions and words that you are not contented, you are not grateful and that you definitely have no Joy. Even through the most suffering of times, God is there blessing you and loving you when your heart and soul is open to receive Him. Let go of your resentments and of your envy, abandon these negative feelings and emotions and allow God’s liberating Love and Light be the pull that will bring you out of this temporary darkness and into the Light of Joy that is yours and can be a daily part of your life. Be thankful for the life you have, extinguish the complaints and envious outbursts and accept God’s compassion and Love. With God in your life, Hope remains in your heart, delivering you into a state of peace where Joy will always follow.

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller.

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