Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Find the Gift within Painful Situations!

There's no value or virtue in hanging on to pain of any kind. The merit comes in how you lift yourself out of the suffering like an aircraft ascending above a cloud layer. Suffering carries a message that's demanding your attention -- ignoring or making it isn't the solution, as it will just find another avenue of communication.

Today we work with you to acknowledging the gift that your anguish has brought you, and then in compassionately releasing it. Whether the painful feelings arise from a relationship, a financial situation, a loss, worry over a loved one, or an imbalance in the body, the method is identical.

Right now, breathe in deeply and direct your consciousness toward the challenging area. Quiet your mind as best as you can, and then ask to discover what gift lies within the painful situation. There's always some hidden blessings.

Once you acknowledge the gift within the hurt, it no longer needs to scream for your attention. It has delivered its message and can now retreat. As this "messenger" leaves, the peace that's always resided within you becomes more apparent. This is the basis for solutions to any seeming problem.

Together, we release the painful situation to God, trusting that it's resolved on the spiritual plane but knowing that it's manifesting now on the physical level as well. We open our arms to the gift of peaceful resolution, healing and miracles.

Thought for Today I see the gifts within every situation I encounter. I am strong, sure, and steady; and God already knows the solution to every problem in my life. I surrender this situation with love and faith to the Divine, infinite wisdom of God. Thank you, God, for assisting me in every way. I now accept Your help completely.

~ Doreen Virtue

Source: Daily Guidance from Your Angels

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