Sunday, July 7, 2013

The will to Love from Soul Love!

Express your soul's will to love by spreading goodwill wherever you go. Make a soul connection with people you meet by sensing your own soul, and then sensing the other person's soul. It does not matter if you feel you are just making it up; having the intent to contact your soul and the soul of the other person is all that is necessary to establish a soul connection.

Be a ray of sunshine bringing love to everyone you meet. Radiate love to strangers and casual acquaintances as well as to loved ones. Express love through your words and actions no matter how others act or treat you. Smile without needing others to smile back.

Feel your soul's love so you can love people no matter how they act. If people speak or think unkindly of you, practice thinking of them lovingly. Forgive them for their behavior and be generous with your love. Realize that people who act in unloving ways are often under great tension or strain, or are experiencing problems that they are not yet able to handle with peace. If people seem bad or harmful, do not focus on these qualities. Instead, focus on what is light and good within them. You might even thank people who are hard to love for coming into your life, for they give you new ways to experience your soul's will to love and to awaken your heart centers. Speak positively, and uplift those around you with your words and deeds. Enjoy spreading love, for all that you give will come back to you multiplied. Acknowledge what a loving person you are, and how often you already offer love and goodwill to others.

Another quality of your soul's will to love is its softness. Its love flows out softly, offering and inviting rather than pushing and controlling. Your soul is always gentle and kind. Watch how you use your will on yourself during the next few hours or days. If you catch yourself forcing or pushing yourself to do something, stop! You do not need to force yourself to do things or to act in certain ways. Treat yourself tenderly, and with respect and love.

by Orin and Daben

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