Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Heart of a Woman!

The heart of a woman
Is a strong heart
She can move the world by just saying what she believes in
She teaches not through a book, but through the pain
She teaches through the childishness of her heart,
Wanting nothing more than to play
In her heart they are the simple things in life
To experience life in all its beauty
To watch her beauty evolve into something that she can be proud of
Her pain
Made her a fighter and a warrior
She wants nothing more than to see happiness in her eyes
It's the happiness she knew as a child
Before pain entered her world and took it all away
The heart of a woman is full of virtue
Love her right - she can remain loyal forever
The wisdom of a woman
Speaks through time
For she desires equally
She desires people to understand each other and to grow from one another
She desires to learn and to nurture
A woman's happiness comes from seeing others around her happy
It comes from loving herself for who she is
It comes from letting everything be
The heart of a woman
Is humble but yet kind
Reserved and yet so very playful
Hungry for knowledge
Yet satisfied with the beauty within
Strong and able
But yet relaxed and taken in by the beauty around her
To travel, to learn and to conquer
This is the heart of a woman.

Source: hubpages.com
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