Sunday, July 14, 2013


Message from Archangel Uriel ~ Focus on Being You ~ via Julie Miller

It is important to be comfortable with your whole self, exactly as you are. When there is a feeling of discomfort within any one area, quite easily discord enters into your consciousness bringing what balance you had achieved into an off-kilter position. When you are truly comfortable with your entire self, just as you are, you give off waves of energy that greet your Inner Self as well as your Outer Self with respect. Respect is not a virtue or attribute that requires verbal usage, but can be seen through actions, that are greatly noticed and appreciated.

Having respect for one’s self is an important addition to all journeyers. When respect for the self is lacking, as we indicated already discord enters and many times it can felt as insecurities and all your effort is used to create yourself into an image that truly are not. When you are on the road to increase respect for yourself, you are also nurturing the side of you that requires the confidence for you to face whatever comes your way. As you know, life is not a straight road; it has many bumps and twists along the way just to make it more interesting. It is important to keep in mind the importance of respecting yourself and that this Inner Growth is created out of the belief and trust you have of your success in all things that are derived from your heart, based on pure unconditional love instead of an Egoic feeling of superiority.

One aspect that helps to encourage more self-respect is your ability to stop pretending and being true to yourself. You are filled with pressures; they began at an early age. You were conditioned how to behave according to society and culture. You were encouraged to become a certain person for many depending on gender. Some of the pressures you faced are still with you and they have the ability to direct the course of your journey. This journey is yours now. It is difficult to separate from the pressures you have grown up with, as many of them may not have felt pressuring. But as you mature, you develop your own thinking mind and discover much of what you were taught to be is no longer of value. It is important to know what is NOW important to you. What are you ready to be rid of? What are you ready to change and improve? What are your current values and what do you believe in from your heart’s perspective? These are questions that only you can answer and each answer is essential and provides huge learning opportunities that will bring you closer to knowing your true self and to being this person as you were divinely meant to be. It is important as well to create new ways that will bring more of your real self to the surface instead of trying to be someone else. No matter what your friends or family is doing, you must follow what your heart is encouraging you to do and believe in its direction. Remember you are here for more than making other people happy; you are here to bring happiness to yourself. You are equally deserving of love, happiness and all things good. Respect yourself for the decisions you have made that have brought in positive changes, even if those around you do not because they don’t understand, stand true and continue making the divine progress we are able to see and others can feel around the globe through the vibration of your energy rising every time good is created from your actions.

As humans, regardless how well achieved you may be on the spiritual path, criticism can be damaging. It is well understood and known that each of you are sensitive towards something. Criticism is never a good thing. It is very derogatory and can make one feel they have been belittled. Criticism is a negative kind of behaviour that is seen quite often, even among those that carry the mask of being all knowledgeable. When one chooses to criticize another, it is never justified, and it does not always encourage positive growth or continual development. When criticism occurs, what is evident is lack of respect to all involved, including the one giving out the criticizing words and actions; they are demonstrating clearly a lack of self-respect.

Be strong with your convictions; don’t allow someone else’s lack of understanding detour you from your path. You are not required to fight against harsh words, but learn from them. Look at who is giving them and see yourself through their eyes. See what you are becoming, what you have left behind and find renewed strength to continue pushing forward. Remind yourself with positive affirmations of who you are and where you are going. Become more resilient of criticism from those that choose to be judgmental. Ignore the words used that are truthfully false and the words that hold even the slightest amount of truth even if they sting use this as a learning curve to your development and the improvement of your own character. Don’t lose your self-respect through others inability to not understand or comprehend where you are heading. Learn what you can, and respectfully carry on. Don’t linger too long surrounded by negative chatter of others. It will only bring you down instead of progressing you forward.

Another area that can have an impact on your self-respect is through your appearance. How you look, from head-to-toe can give you either incredible confidence or it can create a feeling of awkwardness. Taking the time to groom yourself and to dress smartly for any occasion provides you with great confidence without becoming a victim to the latest fads that are circulating the clothing industry. Dress for you, what makes you feel confident that doesn’t have any connotations to please others. How you dress should make you feel good, without the need or expectations to receive compliments because you have pleased someone’s eye. Please your own eye and be happy and content with your appearance.

Jealousy is a heavy emotion that strips away self-respect, dignity and happiness. Quite simply, jealousy is created out of envy of another person’s success regardless of field of interest. Miserableness becomes the common feeling that often is expressed through tart verbal responses and reactions. If you allow yourself to remain on the path of jealousy, you will lose your self-respect and any closeness with your true self. The need to compare yourself with others, we encourage you to end. Your self-respect is not dependent on another person or of their success. Face the facts dear ones, there are people out there that have achieved more and there are those that have achieved less. Be happy where you are and see what you have accomplished is just as special and important. Each of you learn at different levels, some learn quicker and retain, while others are slower to learn and have difficulty retaining what they have learned. Be patient with yourself and give your Self the love that has been lacking during the time you focused on being jealous or trying to be someone or something that you are not. Focus on being you.

As you progress along your journey, sometimes your motives and your best intentions don’t always bring you the results you expected to achieve. The problem is, is that you associated your own self-respect to receive some amount of recognition through increased wealth, a higher social standing, or greater success in all areas of your life. Remember dear ones, your self-worth and respect is derived from the attitude and of the values you have towards achieving your goals and with the people that are with you along the way. Even when the outcome doesn’t meet what you were hoping to achieve, remember you gave your best effort regardless of any external notion of increased wealth. You retained and maintained your self-respect and that is a great achievement to not only appreciate but to be grateful for.

One way of being respectful towards yourself, is being respectful towards others. Just like you cannot truly love another unless you can love yourself, respect works the same way. When you have respect for your Self, you demonstrate you have Inner Confidence and Inner Assurance that is never based on Egoic thoughts but from a profound knowing that comes from your heart through the unconditional love that lives there. Putting other people down through criticism and judgments does not increase respect or self-respect dear ones; it removes you further from your true self. Instead of focusing on the negative qualities of someone, see the goodness that is there and remember these good qualities instead.

When mistakes occur, or if you have done something incorrectly, never put yourself down. Life is all about learning and becoming. Don’t invite the negative self-talk of hating yourself. When you begin to follow the path of self-hate, you are creating a very destructive pattern that brings harm not only to your Self but to those around you. Remember the energy you carry is emitting and felt by those around you as well your energy is felt globally through the vibrations you give off. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Release all pent up guilt and liberate yourself from the heaviness hate can carry. Open yourself to your conscience and listen to its directions even if they are subtle. Take all mistakes as being opportunities to learn again, but by taking different steps that will bring you to different conclusions. Find inspiration through every action you take, even if you have created experiences that bring on bitterness, learn to turn this around and become wiser once again while retaining respect for yourself.

Forgiveness has always been and always will be healing and liberating. When you learn to forgive, you liberate yourself from living in the past regardless how long ago an event or situation took place. Learning to move on from difficult situations and past mistakes requires courage and great Inner Strength, but nothing is ever impossible when you are driven by love. Don’t give permission to any past mistake or situation to control your self-worth or self-respect. Work through any problems that have filled your mind that are of the past, dissolve them and move on, taking with you, your self-respect and self-worth. Continue creating new opportunities to learn and further develop yourself, allowing yourself to demonstrate the respect you have for yourself and for others.

We remind you, self-respect is not created through a fattened sense of pride, this kind of respect is false and doesn’t represent the true goodness of your heart. Praise also does not increase your self-respect. Praise creates a vulnerability that becomes rooted within the Ego. If your self-respect is based on what people think or say through praise, then your own self-respect will be very fragile. Self-respect that speaks from self-love is independent of what other people think or say.

Every time you apply your energy to impress another person or to become someone you are not, you are not creating self-respect. Taking the time to impress someone for social standing that creates an attachment to the prospect of increased wealth doesn’t promote comfortableness with your whole self. You become too busy trying to be what your heart and soul is trying to tell you that you are not. Listen to your Inner Self, to the gentle prodding of your heart and become comfortable within your own skin. Be happy with who you are as you are without the need to impress anyone else. If you wish to see changes, always start with yourself. Each step you take dear ones is another step to creating and bringing forth new opportunities for your greater good. Life can be frightening; it is never boring. Embrace life with your whole heart, even when you don’t know all the details to any particular outcome, believe that all will turn out, as it should. Your journey is never filled with mistakes, just many learning opportunities. Remain true to your Self, the self that is you, not the creation of someone else.

I AM Archangel Uriel through Julie Miller

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