Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Greater Influence!

You have a much greater influence than you can ever know. So make sure to make your influence a positive force for all of life.

The things you think, say and do, all go out into the world and take on lives of their own. What you set in motion can continue for a long, long time, and can grow to immense proportions.

Life amplifies the energy you give it, and that energy eventually comes back to you. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor, and make that energy good and right to begin with.

You cannot escape the consequences of the negative things you do, so make the choice to avoid them at the outset. You cannot help but benefit from the value and goodness you give, so commit yourself to giving generously and often.

Give kindness, and that kindness grows bigger and bigger over time. Give love, and there is more and more love in the world as each day passes.

The way you live each moment goes far beyond the moment, and far beyond you. Live positively, like it matters, for it matters much more than you can ever imagine.

~ Ralph Marston~

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