Saturday, June 29, 2013

Truth, Love & Wisdom!

I received this powerful message from the Holy Spirit which I must share with you.

If you’re looking for ME, my children, look no further than yourself, for I AM inside of you.  I AM not up there in the Heavens or in your shrine but I AM in you, in each one of you.  Your heart holds my essence, my spirit, my wisdom, my energy, my spark and my love.  Sit alone with me for a precious moment in stillness so I can embrace you with my love.  Let us commune together for I have much to share with you.  Ask me anything and everything and I will impart my wisdom and truth with you. My truth and wisdom will equip you along your soul’s journey during your earthly pilgrimage. The truth that you seek cannot be found through others you see, but only with me, for I AM TRUTH.  After you leave our sanctuary go forth and connect with another’s heart in love.  Remember this: You not only connect with them, you are connecting with me too.  As I AM in you so I AM in everyone and in everything.  We are all whole, we are ONE.

My children, you are never alone!  I AM always where you are.  I AM in every moment of your soul’s existence and experience.  Be assured that when you connect to your heart you will see me and know me.

My love enfolds you in this instant … in this moment.  Feel me… I AM this love.

Dear children I AM your heartbeat as you are my heartbeat.  We are one!


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