Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Dreamtime & Twin Flames

There is no salvation for the soul
but to fall in Love.
Only lovers can escape
out of these two worlds.
This was ordained in creation.
Only from the heart
can you reach the sky:
The Rose of Glory
can grow only from the heart.


You may experience very lucid, vivid dreams where you are with and/or interacting with your Twin Flame, where you can almost 'feel' or 'picture' them almost in 3-D; and upon waking may feel as if you have just been with him / her.  Often Twin Flames will meet in dream state during times of separation, or have 'soul visits' during dream time.  This phenomenon occurs because during sleep we have an open channel to our Higher Self, more connected to God, to the Universe, to energy so the souls can travel to each other freely for comfort.

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