Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Burning Question About Twin Flames!

The Way Home is Burning Inside of You

Q. The person who I believe is my soul mate, in real life doesn’t know me (I don’t think). I met them a long time ago (20-odd years) and have never forgotten about them.

But over the past two years, for whatever reason, I can’t stop thinking about them, my brain filled with a life beyond my reality where we are together, coming together….

But I’m scared. It feels dangerous to desire so much through a hyper-reality than my actual reality. So what do I do? Is this a twin flame/soul mate, or just an over-worked imagination/wish/desire? How do you know?

It’s driving me nuts! And how do I know if she knows me or not, or thinks of me if she does?

A. Dangerous according to whose standards? And what is the danger? The possibility that EVERYTHING you have ever felt, that you have ever known from within about love can truly and completely become your actual reality? You know who your Beloved is, the one that matches you by feeling it in the deepest place within you, the reoccurring feelings and thoughts (as you express) that never go away, that keep coming back, for when you feel like that, it is destiny knocking at your door, like crumbs, asking you to pay attention, to notice. Feel into the spaces of where such thoughts and feelings are coming from… because the place I’m talking about is within, where you feel what you can’t deny. It may not make sense at first, but will bring you so profoundly within your own being, to question everything, literally EVERYTHING, you have thought, felt, believed about love and relationship. After the questioning, it will encourage you to let it all go, all of the rules you’ve learned about love, all of the roles you’ve experienced played within relationships, the proof you need before you express the love that you are, even the perception that you must get to know someone before you know you love them. At this time in history, in the genre of relationships, we are asked to shift from believing we get to know someone by spending time with them to remembering this from within and allowing it. We remember we know someone from within, not from without first.

Think about it this way. If you were to walk a path and wanted to find your way home, you perhaps might leave yourself crumbs or clues along the way so you would remember which way pointed to home.  If you meet someone and you have feelings, visions that you can’t easily explain, that keep coming back years after the initial encounter, can you see that this could be your soul giving you the clues or the crumbs so to speak? Think of this. Imagine that your soul had intended with another soul before incarnation to meet and co-create together as you love each other here on the Earth plane. How would you go about remembering that you made this intention beforehand so that you could choose it and act upon it? If you were to ask every person that created something which was never “known” before, they would tell you they had an idea (that initially to themselves and others) seemed crazy and out of the “norm,” that they had a feeling (s) that wouldn’t go away, which begged them to listen, to pay attention and to follow. When these ideas, visions and/or feelings come to you, you are invited to trust yourself, trust what you are receiving so that the beautiful energy of this Universe and those souls you’ve agreed to create and play with can bring it all into manifestation, to transform your reality into alignment and union with your “hyper-reality.”

How do you know if she knows you or thinks of you? How do you feel? Do you think of her? When Beloveds encounter each other, both are affected, both begin the journey to awakening into self as they move beyond self simultaneously. They mirror each other so that when one is feeling something, the other begins to feel into it as well. When one is experiencing something, having an epiphany, moving deeper into love, the other will reflect this. Again, it goes back to trusting yourself, trust what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing, then bring it all into expression as you allow the flame that burns as bright as yours to notice your light, and like a moth, come running to it for the warmth and comfort of home. What do you do? You already know. It’s right there within you. When you know, become it, follow it and act upon it, without hesitation.

Written by Gabriella Hartwell.


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