Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keys of Light!

You are continually and completely responsible for your life. No one has ever done anything to you; you are not a victim. You have written, directed, produced, and acted in the script of your choice that has been created and provided by yourself for yourself.

If at any time you tire of the script that you have created, you then have free choice, and free will to create a new script to act in and out. (reruns and season finales are a personal choice)

Anyone can write a script. It is written with every word, every thought, every action, every reaction to all-personal situations and worldly stimuli. What you think today then becomes your weekly mini series tomorrow.

Co-Creatorship is not a job for wimps. You are not here as a tourist. You are here on a mission; selective amnesia is no longer permitted. The coffee of remembrance is being served energetically on earth deck 4D. Awakening is guaranteed.

Earth is a 24/7 school. There are no days off, you cannot call in sick. Homework assignments must be completed each and every day. No copying off of other students, you will be graded on a universal curve determined by you and only you.

Once you have completed earth school you will then graduate leaving YOUR present BODY and all accumulated stuff behind. All students of earth are guaranteed to graduate no matter what their grade point average is.

As you exit the planet, you are given the gift of experiencing every moment of your life in full spectrum IMAX presentation. The good the bad the ugly and the beautiful will show itself for one last curtain call, wrapping around every atom of your body mind and Spirit as you surf the spiritual tsunami onto a new island of self.

Written by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan

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