Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Meaning of Love!

The most common notion of love that some people have is that love only exists between two individuals who are compatible, who have a sexual attraction for each other and who are usually young and attractive.  This idea has been impregnated into many minds through novels, movies and music.  So many people have been misled by this belief unfortunately because this kind of love does not last very long.

When they discover that this love doesn’t last, they begin to blame themselves or their partner and then they look around for another relationship to compensate for their need and hurt.  This love stems from the ego and is not emanating from the heart.

In truth, love comes straight from the heart.  When we discover that our heart is filled with love it would then serve us better to harness this love and then to share it openly with pure intentions to another.  No one can teach us about love.  Love must be discovered by ourselves and we should pay attention to our heart and the vibrations and sensations of it.  Only then will we discover what true love is.

Many people pay more attention to their minds, their thoughts and their eyes instead of concentrating upon their heart and what it is telling them. 

Far too many people are waiting for that one person who will give them love and who will fill them with an excitement and exhilaration to make them feel good.  They also want the security from the other too.  But unfortunately this kind of love is a dependent love. It stems from fear and as you know fear is the opposite to love.

The idea that this special person may leave them through death or infidelity causes fear.  All sorts of negative emotions arise with dependent love.  Possessiveness, jealousy, disappointment, disrespect, anger, depression and anxiety begin to emerge with a dependent love relationship.

True love has nothing to do with the qualities of the other person.  True love is unconditional love.  True love does not expect and demand from others.  True love gives freely and openly without expecting anything in return.  It is given with an open heart in faith and trust. True love offers compassion, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, respect and gratitude.

When we are able to grasp and practice true love we will be on our way to spiritual enlightenment.

Whatever we give away half-heartedly always results in failure!

It is important to note that there is no need to be fearful of love either.  Many people put up walls around themselves to protect themselves from being hurt or rejected.  No one can kill your soul.  It carries on and finds another to love and so it is.  The main purpose of love is to love God and yourself and by doing so God will bring other souls to you with whom you can share this divine love with.

There is nothing wrong by loving yourself.  It is not egocentric at all.  It is discovering who we truly are as souls and loving the wonderful qualities our Creator has breathed into each of us.  When we discover that we are magnificent souls and human beings, all the past hurt that we have accumulated from past experiences will fall away.  As soon as self-loathing, judgement, disillusionment, hatred and anger dissipate a new rebirth takes place.  A rebirth of freedom, joy, happiness, success, self-respect, confidence, kindness, love and compassion emerges. 
We are all connected to each other on this planet.  We all breathe the same air and receive God’s  energy in the same way.  The sooner the illusion of separation is dissolved the better for all of mankind.  There is one creation and everyone has a stake in it.  When we learn to love each other in truth and unconditionally we will rid this world of fear and hatred.

True love must be practiced every day.  It should be taught and shared with others too so that it will spread from one to the other around our world. This is the only way we can change our world into the planet that our Creator intended it to be.  Mankind must lift its consciousness to a higher and lighter vibration that being a consciousness of True Love.  Only by doing this can we change and heal our planet.


© 2013 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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