Monday, April 8, 2013

What Happens when Twin Souls merge?

When Twin Souls merge they experience a feeling of complete oneness with each other and with God.  Twin Souls possess the exact same blueprint and soul signature.  They are tonal mates and vibrate on the same soul frequency too and because Twin Souls retain a part of the other’s soul they are compared to a unique Harmonic Note in the Ocean of Love.

Time becomes an illusion to both of the Twin Souls when they are together.  The ability for the consciousness to move multi-dimensionally is common place and it must be recognized that they have not merged to re-enact human relationships but to act as a bridge to the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Oneness.

The Crown Chakras are opened as soon as Twin Souls merge which allows the Holy Spirit’s energy to flow through the top of their heads down through the other Chakras of their bodies.  Twin Souls are connected to each other by the Crown Chakra with a silver blue cord. When Twin Souls meet they are attracted to each other’s Crown Chakras and also to the Third Eye Chakras. 

Twin Souls always recognize each other through their eyes as the eyes appear clear and there is a particular light in the eyes that the other twin recognizes.  When Twin Souls merge, their eyes are connected to each other immediately in other words their eyes become two mirrors reflecting back and forth to each other.  It’s like they have downloaded each other through their eyes.  They perceive the world and their surroundings with each other’s eyes through one consciousness. Twin Souls might also notice a slight eye color change when they connect with each other telepathically and when they become aware of each other’s energy or essence.

The vibration and frequency of the Twin Souls voice is also recognized by the other as it is the identical match to that of their own vibrational tone and frequency. 
The Twin Soul relationship is an Androgynous relationship because neither feels female or male.  This happens at the time when both have completed their inner fusion and balance.  There is no polarity within the relationship as they are simply ONE in consciousness and essence. 

It is important that the Twin Souls bring forth their complementarity ability within the Oneness without claiming the results as their own and at the same time retaining their own personal identity.

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