Monday, April 15, 2013

What a Girl wants in a Man!

Every girl expects a man to be well mannered, kind and courteous. She appreciates a man who is considerate, friendly and warm to her, and to others.

She admires a man who possesses confidence, intelligence and wisdom. She respects a man who is assertive and decisive.

A girl finds a man who is refined and well educated very attractive.  She prefers a man to speak eloquently, calmly and politely with no need for profanities in his vocabulary.  A genteel man is what she wants. 

A girl is impressed with a man, who is cultured; one who has an appreciation for all of the arts. 

A girl respects a man who has character; a strong, independent and responsible man.  She also respects a discreet man; one who keeps their relationship private.   She has respect for a man who behaves like a gentleman at all times even when he is with his friends and colleagues.

A girl admires a man who is protective and who loves his family, her family and a man who is comfortable around children and animals because this is an indication to her that the man has a good heart.

A girl expects a man to be sentimental, affectionate and romantic. The kind of man that holds her close to his heart; a faithful and dependable man is who she wants.

A girl cherishes a man who is appreciative, and thoughtful; who never forgets to tell her or show her how much he loves her with small gestures by giving her a flower, a hug, a note, a telephone call or sending her an e-mail.

A girl enjoys the company of a man when she can laugh with him and have long conversations with him about all sorts of things. She likes a man with whom she can confide in; one who is her very best friend. 
A girl appreciates a compliment from a man even on her dowdiest day. A kiss on her forehead when she’s feeling down lifts her spirits right up again.

A girl respects a man who is in touch with his feminine side and who is able to show his true feelings, need it be crying, in front of the ones he loves.  To her it does not make him less of a man, instead it bonds the girl and the man together even more strongly; their hearts become connected.

 A girl admires a man who loves life and one who embraces it with gratitude irrespective of its ups and downs. A positive man is what she wants.

She loves a man who has faith in God and who loves her and accepts her for her own uniqueness.

©2013.Debra Heylen. All Rights Reserved.

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