Friday, April 26, 2013

Until Then for Twin Flames.

Until Then

To my beloved,

I love you through a picture that sits a thousand miles away. Through the rain I stare blankly into the unknown, feeling you there, wondering if you can feel me too. I utter silent prayers testifying to the light inside of me wondering if you can hear them too.

As I extend my unseen hand out to you I wonder if you can feel it snaking around your waist moving upward as my lips find the nape of your neck. I wonder if that scent filling my being is your fragrance sent to remind me that you are waiting, searching, feeling and moaning out my name in the darkness of your own cluttered mind.

As the invisible tears wash over me I am cleansed. As the inevitable change bombards me from everywhere I close my eyes to find some truth in a world gone mad with lies. What I worshiped yesterday is gone today, what I needed yesterday no longer exists now.

Still, my heart beats with a desire unmatched by the mortality of man. It beats for you, it seeks you, it knows you are here even as my body searches for you in the depths of its starvation.

I stand in the storm, naked, bare, with nothing. I am cold as the heavens flood my skin with drop after drop of this moment’s tithes as the strong winds of memory seek to chill me to the bone. I close my eyes and feel your warmth as your body embraces mine, your lips stroking that place once numbed by my mind’s ambivalence.

I feel your fingers now tracing imaginary lines connecting the raised bumps on my skin as all of me responds to the gift you are.

There are no truths greater than the ones we feel. I know what I feel as I look into those eyes once painted on a wall nowhere near where I stand today. I know what I feel when the evening angels sing to me their lullaby; a song written only for you. I know what I feel in those intense moments of aloneness when I feel no loneliness at all, and when I accept the greatest gifts as those that have me stripped bare and left me bleeding in the craziness of it all. I know how I feel as false prophets disappear; leaving me with only the truth I beg I will see. I know how I feel at the thought of you, and I know how I feel knowing that each step through the briar patch is one step closer to the field where I will meet you.

I am finding patience within me that never existed before. I am finding silence where once only noise existed. I am finding strength in my weakest places, and I am finding hope in each moment of despair. I am in training for the greatest moment of my life just as each night prepares the world for the coming of the dawn.

I am hardening and I am softening, and I am taking root even in the rockiest of ground.

When you find me, I will be your greatest treasure my love. When you notice me peeking out through the forest your heart will explode with joy! When you see me walking toward you, you will forget to breathe, and as we touch for the first time you will find that heaven does in fact exist in the simplest of things. Ah, the beauty of it all, drawn easily in the sand, frozen quickly in the furthest reaches of our Universe and thawed in the very moment our lips meet. Thus a life created to experience will know its purpose, and we will have found some destiny.

Until then…

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