Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Misconceptions of Loving Relationships!

I am moved to share the following insightful channeled message with you.

Latest Channeling from Palace of Peace/Michelle Manders ~ "Unified Twin Flame Grid Upgrade, Bali 2013 Project - Part 8 ~ Shattering the Stone-Wall of the Heart Chakra" ~ Channeled in Nusa Dua, Bali.

"Breaking down the “stone wall” of the heart chakra within self is just one minute aspect of the collective essence of dismantling the “stone walls” of the planetary heart chakras. As we explained in our message prior to this one, breaking down the matrix the false god has created requires you need to be secure within your truth. You need to know that you know beyond any shadow of doubt that your inner knowing of the truth is true.

Remind yourself that in order to continue rising above the drama of the old world that keeps alive the negative karma of your old world, you need to establish a new sense of inner connection with these generator crystals. The implants of the old world, which many of you have had removed from your chakras, have allowed for a number of the original generator crystals inside of you to begin to stir to life. When these generators are radiating the energy you originally were created from, it emanates some of the most powerful rays of light and truth you could ever imagine. This may result in many people being “repulsed” by you. This is not something to take personally.

So be aware. The purer you become in your intention in terms of how you relate to yourself the stronger you become within yourself, and the higher your vibration the greater your energy becomes, therefore the greater the challenge you pose to those who still sleep. Thus, as more of the codes of light vibrate within these giant generator crystals within your collective makeup the more it is going to challenge everyone around you who is galvanized in the misleading beliefs and attitudes that love in its purest form cannot ever exist and did not ever exist.

One of the important features of this activation which the upgraded Unified Twin Flame Grid is now harnessing and building energy, which shall become in itself a colossal crystal orb of energy, will shatter the “stone walls” of the heart chakra relating to the fabrications and illusions of the fantasy of love. This is a very important feature in seeing through the illusion.

Let me explain what I mean by this, and I am sure all of you will relate to the example I give now. Billions of men and women are not only challenged but duped by the fantasy of love, not love in its true form but rather the fantasy of lust. Everyone wants love, but because of the dynamics within your world which hold the primary vibration is confusing love with lust, thus very few find the true divine counterpart - true divine twin flame connection.

When a man looks at what is considered a magnificent, beautiful movie star and when a woman looks at her “hero” in the movie stars or even the character in a story; a romantic novel, there is a fantasy conjured up within the mind, and the man and the woman become tied up in a very destructive and dangerous inner fantasy. That fantasy involves imagining what it would be like to be with that woman or be with that man - the epitome of beauty, the epitome of safety, protection, love, nurturing - but it is all in the mind. The imagination takes the individual on a wild journey of imagining what it would be like to have a life with that person, to bear children with that person; and everything is a fantasy. It is false. It is a lie. It is delusional. It does not exist.

This now leads the fantasy to grow in its power, and then, within a more intimate space men and women look to others in their environment; perhaps a work colleague or someone they work for, perhaps it is someone down at a local store, it may be a best friend’s wife or husband or girlfriend or brother or sister; and the same fantasy plays out. However this is closer to home. It is more realistic. So the man or the woman, desperate to have the fantasy fulfilled; desperate for this love embarks upon a false journey of utter destruction. This is when affairs happen; infidelity takes place because the man or woman believes that this person they are now having an affair with is the answer to their future: “This is the man who will take me away from all of my problems,” or: “This is the woman who will put me on a throne and treat me like a king.”

It may last for a while but then, what happens? The fantasy shatters because you realize or the man or woman realizes that the person they are committing the act of infidelity with is also a human being just like themselves. And when that fantasy is shattered the “stone wall” within the heart becomes thicker. It is built higher. Some people then withdraw completely from love and choose not to embark in any kind of relationship. For others, both men and women, they may then embark on a journey of hunting every woman they can pin down or hunting every man they can pin down and punish the man or woman because inside there is the desperate desire for love, but because no one understands what this is about, they do not know what they are looking for and that they are chasing lust instead of love. They want love, but they do not understand that lust and love is not the same thing. And because society has continued to feed the fantasy, lust has taken over the core center of the collective heart that should hold the central generator crystal of pure and divine love. It is this core generator crystal we are now working in to bringing healing to; scrambling those codes, because that core generator crystal is a reflection of the same core generator crystal within your own heart chakra.

So when a man looks at a woman or a woman looks at a man and thinks to themselves: “Oh I would love that. I want that in my bed. I wonder what that body feels like. That must be good.” It is not love speaking, it is lust. That is “evil” as such because what is evil spelled backwards? Live. Therefore, when there is no true life essence in something, it cannot live in accordance with the higher octaves of the true countenance of purity and love, thus it is evil. So the antithesis of life is evil. The antithesis of darkness is light. The opposite of lust is love.

Take some time over the next few days and weeks ahead of you and observe what is promoted in your world today. You will notice that absolutely everything that is in the face of everybody is promoting lust; the false matrix. Look at the headlines on magazines, how many times is it spoken that “this beautiful movie star; she has been now taken off the market, sorry, for now no longer do you have a chance with this beautiful one.” And whoever is with her is the luckiest man on earth because now he has this goddess in his bed and by his side.

But has anyone stopped for one single moment to ask who is she or who is he? She may have a beautiful face, the perfect body according to society, but what lies behind the “stone wall” of that heart. What drives and motivates that being?

What lies beneath the surface; the masks that mean nothing, and this is what brings about the greatest pain for people because both men and women fall into the trap of temptation by buying into the surface aspect of what they see: a pretty face, a strong body, a tight behind, a firm chest. Is that what life/love means to you? Do you believe, and I’m not saying you or you or you specifically, but do you as the collective world believe that is all that love is to you? An easy lay? A quick in and out of the bed? Stolen moments here and there for the adrenaline rush so you can feel alive again because your life is so empty?

If humanity continues to use that as the blueprint for love and what drives them to decide who they will be with for their life-time, then your world does not stand a snowball’s hope in hell to survive because it is this energy, this motivation, this level of immature thinking and behaviour that has led to the dysfunction within families and the society you have now." Excerpt, Mary Magdalene.

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 Love and blessings to everyone!

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