Friday, March 22, 2013

The Twin Soul Experience!

When you are awakened by your Twin Soul initially, it sparks off the beginning of a wonderful journey of self-discovery.  You discover what a loving and creative soul you truly are and so the romance begins.  The amazing discovery of yourself reveals God’s love and His essence within you and also that of your Twin.  It’s a beginning of a romance with yourself, with God, with your Twin Soul and with life. 

When you have this Twin Soul experience, you will automatically see God in everyone and everything.  No longer will you hold onto fake beliefs about others or yourself either, for these beliefs will disappear as you continue forward.
From a very young age we begin by trying to please others and to seek their approval.  This behaviour very often follows us into adulthood.  Sadly when we fall short of certain expectations we begin to feel a sense of guilt and shame.  This can cause a lot of psychological disorders for some.  The memory of who we are as a loving beautiful and creative soul is unfortunately forgotten.  Ultimately this can make us feel very vulnerable and so we find it difficult to show our true selves to others.  We may even subconsciously build a wall around ourselves as protection against hurt and rejection from others. This can jeopardise our relationships with other soul mates.

Once you begin to work on your inner-self after the Twin Soul experience, all the misconceived ideas and negative thoughts you’ve been carrying around with you simply fall away.  The veil is lifted and you discover your true self.

The connection you have with God and your Twin Soul does not only reveal to you how much you are dearly loved and how precious you really are but it also liberates you.  It moves you to the point that you want to express to others what love is truly about.  A complete transformation takes place within as you discover the real you.  All of your creativity and talents come to the fore.  You may even discover that your tastes and interests in certain things are changed. Old relationships may also fall away because you discover you no longer have the same interests as they do.  Your perception of life changes completely.

The awakening to your Twin Soul is a beautiful gift from God.  It is one of love, freedom, expression and discovery.  It truly is a gift that should be embraced and nurtured and not to be dismissed as a whimsical fantasy. Many who have been awakened by their Twin Soul counterpart often feel that what they are experiencing is merely a figment of their imagination.  Encountering or meeting your Twin Soul is such a profound experience that it may leave you feeling completely dumbfounded, confused and for some, even a little fearful because you are actually looking at a reflection of yourself mirrored back to you from the other.  Past lives together are also very often remembered.  Telepathy between Twin Souls is activated immediately.  The Twin Soul journey also enhances the psychic senses.  Some may discover that they indeed possess the following gift afterwards:

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Clairscent & Clairtangency.  (Follow the link below for the definitions.)  

Many Twin Souls even go so far as to try and explain what has happened to them to others, who cannot possibly understand what they’re experiencing because they have not experienced it for themselves.  Unfortunately this can only deepen the confusion as they will definitely tell you that it’s all your imagination or they may even call you “crazy”.  My advice is to seek out those who are experienced in this field, if you must.  Personally I prefer to receive council from God, my Higher Self, the Angelic Realm and my Spirit Guides.  I do understand that some would prefer a human explanation but truly the knowledge you seek can only come from a Higher Spiritual Intelligence.  After all, this is a spiritual union and not a human one.  It’s also a very personal experience.  Make no mistake it is definitely not wise to confront or chase after the twin if they are incarnated on earth as they themselves may be having a hard time accepting it and understanding it too. Once again this relationship is divinely orchestrated and timed.  Unfortunately it may take a little longer for your twin to come to terms with it. Their memory of your connection to them may remain clouded for a while.  As I said before it is a personal experience therefore the Twin Soul Experience varies from person to person it just depends on how spiritually awakened we are as individuals.  These matters are entirely in the hands of God.

I’ve said before that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all connected to each other spiritually.  Souls are brought together physically during their earthly journeys to learn, teach and support one another in their incarnations.  This however, does not mean that we are not connected to the other soul families spiritually while we are here on earth.  Twin Souls carry the exact blueprint and essence of each other.  They possess the exact same soul vibrational frequency and soul signature too. Therefore, no matter where your Divine counterpart/Twin Soul is, be it here on earth or in other galaxies and/or other dimensions, they are always connected to you wherever they are, whether they or you know it or not. The connection between Twin Souls can never be severed.  I write this because many twins who have had “the experience” with their divine counterparts wish to break free of the connection or don’t want to accept what is happening to them, because it can be a very emotional and painful process at times.  Unfortunately, this cannot happen.  True love can never be destroyed.

Many souls are being awakened at this time by their Twins as a preparation for the ascension to higher dimensions.  You may even be awakened by your Twin Soul even though you are in a marriage or a relationship with a Soul Mate. The Twin Soul awakening can happen to us at any time in our lives.

Other Twin Souls are physically joining together as couples on earth to fulfil and complete their soul contract with each other as they work together as light bearers of love and service to other souls.

A very important message that I’ve received from one of my Spirit Guides about Twin Souls is that no amount of struggling to “figure it all out”, as he put it, helps us.  He put it to me this way; “The Twin Soul Experience “just is”.  The sooner we are able to embrace this fact and accept it, the sooner the bigger picture will be revealed to us. His question to me was; “Why are you fighting it?  Accept it because this is a privilege and one that should be accepted with grace and gratitude for it is a divine blessing from God with the intention of bringing all his beloved Twins together and then homeward.”

Sending you love and light!

© 2013 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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