Monday, March 25, 2013

The Lighter Side of Life!

“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”

~ Mark Twain ~

Too many of us go through life carrying the world on our shoulders as if it’s ours to bear.  We often take life far too seriously and therefore we miss out on the most important part of our lives.  It’s almost as if we’re wearing blinkers much like a race horse.  We can only look at one aspect of the road ahead of us, which is to succeed, succeed, and succeed.  If you honestly think about it at the end of the day you may count your days of success as some of your greatest disappointments.  When you keep your attention on only one thing you very often miss out on the greatest rewards that life has to offer.

Very often it’s a good thing to take a vacation from life.  Have a little fun and adopt a lighter approach to life.  Make choices that bring you joy and ones that lift your spirits. Watch a funny movie instead of listening to the news on TV. Read a humorous book in place of a newspaper.  Listen to light music or take a walk outside.   Find humour in day to day situations.  Laughter can dispel and chase away any argument or misunderstanding.  Take a step backward when you’re in a conflicting situation and see the funny side of it instead of taking it seriously because it’ll pass as everything does.  Don’t take everything people say or do so seriously either.  When you really take a look around and remove the blinkers you’re wearing you’ll find that our Creator really does have a wonderful sense of humour and so do you.
If you find yourself in the company of a negative person, politely interrupt them and say “I’m on a vacation from life, can we please speak about something that’s positive or funny instead!”  You’ll be amazed how quickly they’ll be willing to co-operate with you and play along. 

“Laughter is the spark of the soul.”

How true the above saying is.  Haven’t you noticed how wonderful you feel when you’ve had a good laugh?  It’s almost as if you have more energy and your perception of things becomes a lot clearer.  Laughter is very contagious.  Once you tune into that happy, lovely frequency, life around you automatically picks up that same frequency and plays a happier tune.  You begin to emit those “Good Vibrations”!

Take time out to nourish your soul.  Have a good rest when you feel you need to.  Sometimes our souls cry out for solitude.  Listen to your body and to the inner stirrings of your heart. 

The angels always talk about having fun.  Do it!  Let go of all your stresses and strains because it’s not yours to hold onto in the first place.  Instead release them.  Give the reins back to your Creator and let him steer your life instead.  Then just let go.  Take a deep breath, laugh and enjoy life! 

God bless you all!

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