Thursday, February 14, 2013

Twin Flames Valentines

On this Valentine's Day, when your attention is brought to the heart and the idea of relationship, I'd like to pose some questions: Who or what established your ideas about love? Was it your family? Your church? Books, movies, media? Have those definitions of love led your heart to deep fulfilment? Has following the rules of love as outlined by those beliefs freed you or bound you?

The ideal of love is so powerfully encoded within your DNA that even eons of misperception cannot stop its song from singing within you; cannot stop you from seeking it constantly. Unfortunately, through separation consciousness, (the belief that we are separate from God and our Twin Flame), you may have sought for love by projecting your hopes and dreams upon people outside of yourself. You may have even hit the jackpot, certain you have found your Beloved and believe all will be well. You think you'll find peace, joy, fulfilment, co-creation, happiness, and love-all because another person looked back at you with the eyes of love. It resonates with an idea of a freedom you can't even quite define, because it represents the long forgotten memory of your limitless creative faculty.

But what if the person you love changes and no longer looks back at you with those eyes? Or what if you fall so deeply in love with a perfect reflection of your heart and they are completely out of reach due to societal rules, or God forbid, they don't actually know you, or worse still, know you and don't want you?

Would such a scenario demolish all your tightly held beliefs about love? Would it lead you to believe that the idea of your perfect complement is a sham? Would it turn your precious heart to stone? Maybe - at least for a while.

 It is not just the hopeful heart that leads us to ask the hard questions. It's more often the broken heart that takes us most swiftly to the door of truth because we're finally humble enough to turn our attention to a higher power and ask for it.

 A lot of people have come to my Twin Flame seminars or have listened to the audio version (Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soul Mates; From Ego's Fantasy to Romancing the God Within,) to help them get past the ego's rendition of what love is and what it thinks it should look like. On this precious day of love, I would like to reiterate the primary theme of my work: when you focus your attention on the illusions created by your personality, you will ultimately meet with disappointment. When you give love and adoration to your I AM Presence (God individualized as you), you are focusing on the full, omni-dimensional aspect of your Twin Flame self. And...where your attention is, so is the magnetic pull for your reality.

 If you attempt to draw your Twin Flame energy by focusing outside of yourself and projecting the ideal upon another, you will draw only an illusion of the ego's fantasy. If you focus upon the Real of Love, and love your I AM Presence with all your heart, mind, and soul, you cannot help but draw the fullness of your Twin Flame heart into a Divine Expression as a symbol in your world. I know the world reports the opposite as true - that you must hunt and possess another in order to experience the freedom provided by Divine Love - but this is love reversed.

 You are already the fullness of your Twin Flame heart, even though this incarnation may have you expressing a more dominant aspect as either the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine. What you seek to experience is the reflection of God as your complement in the physical presence of another. So when sacred texts have prompted you to "Seek first the kingdom of God, and all else will follow," they have taught the truth. This is as true for experiencing the freedom of Divine Love as it is for experiencing unlimited abundance. It is the pathway to true freedom in every area of your life.

You have always been One with God, an expression of God within God, as part of an infinite hologram. You are merely in the process of remembering, and the ancient song that sings within your DNA to reunite with your Twin Flame is a clarion call to return your consciousness to that which is Real. And my precious, most beloved family - Only Love Is Real. In your Twin Flame Heart womb, the only thing you create is more Divine Love. It is but consciousness that creates a temporary mould for Love to fill.

Happy Valentines!

Written by Angelina Heart

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Soul

Making a distinction between soul and spirit can be difficult. Most people use the words interchangeably, yet the “spirit” and “soul” refer to two different things.

The physical body is but a vehicle for the soul. Although the physical body is born, grows and is subject to death upon the physical plane, the Soul itself does not die. The soul continues beyond the death experience. Right now, your soul is your true self.

The "Soul" itself is but a vehicle for consciousness and expression. Like the physical body, the soul has a purpose. It is in a state of growing and learning, and becoming. The soul is not yet permanent. This means that while the soul is mortal, and since it was born, it is also subject to death.

The Soul is not the same as 'Spirit'. The origin of the word Spirit is from Latin spiritus which means "breath". The Hebrew word for spirit is 'ruach'. Spirit is incorporeal / non-physical substance or energy. It is God's Divine power or essence. It is life-force. The spirit is the source of power and control for both your body and soul; it is either evil or good, darkness or light. It is wisdom. It is the Holy Spirit. It is often referred to as God's feminine presence--the representation of the feminine principle on earth.

The spirit of any living thing can be understood as its pure consciousness. The spirit is eternal and exists prior to one’s physical body. It is beyond 'thinking and feeling'. Spirit is the absolute perfection of that being. The spirit, in other words, is that little spark of God within us that keeps us alive.

On the other hand, the Soul is in the process of becoming perfected. It develops and grows as an integral aspect of a living being. The Soul itself has an origin. It has a beginning. Prior to incarnation on any physical plane, the Soul itself was born and created from Spirit. The soul is who you are as an individual. It is your "I AM" (made in God’s image). It is your "heart." Soul is also considered to be the intellectual and emotional aspect of one's self. 

The Hebrew word for soul is ne′phesh. In Greek the word is psy·khe′ (psyche) from which the term psychology was derived.

The human mind comprises the brain and all its workings — memory, perception, reason, the stew of hormones that results in our emotions. It is, in other words, the “hardware” of human existence. The human soul is what governs the human hardware — the “software” of human existence, our very own “operating system,” unique to each of us. The human spirit is the “electricity” that animates us.

"We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a physical experience".

In Helena Blavatsky's Theosophy the soul is the field of our psychological activity (thinking, emotions, memory, desires, will, and so on) as well as of the so-called paranormal or psychic phenomena (extrasensory perception, out-of-body experiences, etc.). However, the soul is not the highest, but a middle dimension of human beings. Higher than the soul is the spirit, which is considered to be the real self; the source of everything we call “good”—happiness, wisdom, love, compassion, harmony, peace, etc. While the spirit is eternal and incorruptible, the soul is not. The soul acts as a link between the material body and the spiritual self, and therefore shares some characteristics of both. The soul can be attracted either towards the spiritual or towards the material realm, being thus the “battlefield” of good and evil. It is only when the soul is attracted towards the spiritual and merges with the Self that it becomes eternal and divine.

Source: by Liora
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