Saturday, November 10, 2012

Twin Souls and Everlasting Love!

Twin Souls are joined together for eternity.  Nothing can separate them.  Their Sacred Union is blessed by God the Father the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

Twin Souls are one soul split in half.  They inhabit two physical bodies and have only one Higher Self.  Each half of the soul retains the exact same vibrations, memories, electrical frequencies and soul signatures of the other half.

The union between Twin Souls is the most sacred of all unions between male and female souls.

The Twin Soul carries the other Twin Soul's essence inside of them always.  This essence can be felt within as there is a soul remembrance of their Twin Soul's essence.  As soon as the one twin connects and feels the essence of the other twin within, the heart chakra opens and fills the heart with an explosion of love sending a surge of energy up into the twin's consciousness thus awakening it and triggering its memory of the other Twin Soul. (It is almost as if the heart has an orgasm of love, joy, excitement and pleasure at that moment.)

Recognition and remembrance of the Twin Soul is wonderful and blissful but then the issue of separateness sets in.  When the Twin Soul remembers it's other half it naturally wants to be with the other Twin Soul physically too and in most cases this is not possible as they may not be mature enough spiritually or emotionally for the physical union to take place.  This is when the Twin Souls must work on themselves.  It is most important for the individual Twin Soul to balance it's male and female energies within them as this assists the Twin Soul to consistently access universal intelligence to guide it and to manifest change.  The more balanced the male and female energies become the more powerful they are to manifest in a positive manner.  It is also essential to clear away all of the impediments that it has accumulated through out it's life's experiences and relationships before the physical union can take place.

The separateness is really only an illusion as the Twin Souls are always with each other.  This illusion can cause confusion and heartache to many Twin Souls.  Once this illusion of separateness is cleared away from the minds of the Twin Souls, they will then be able to find peace within themselves and this loving relationship.  Meditation and prayers clears away this illusion and allows the Twin Soul to achieve a higher state of consciousness allowing it to see more clearly, feel more intensely and sense the others presence more  powerfully.

Meditation and prayers also connects Twin Souls to its Higher Self.  This is a meeting place and power house for the Twins where they can connect with each other and with Source consciously and spiritually. The Higher Self retains all knowledge of it's Twin Souls; their previous lives together and their future missions to be accomplished, past lessons learned and future lessons to be learned.  The Soul can gain much information from the Higher Self about it's Twin Soul and their relationship through meditation and prayers. 

This is the divine purpose of this blessed union of the Twin Souls: 

To spread God's love and light with all of His creation and to be of service to Him and all of His creation through healing, teaching, spiritual work and the arts.  

© 2012 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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