Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Message of Comfort and Hope!

In my prayers and meditation I received this very important message.

Dear Ones,

I am the Angel of Hope.  This is a message of comfort and hope to all of you who may be experiencing sadness, hardships and anxiety right now.

Please don’t be sad or afraid.   We the angels are on your earth at this time.  We are with each one of you.  We are assisting you as you go through the enormous changes on your earth right now.  Please call on us at any time for we offer you guidance, strength, love and support.  Our intercessory prayers on your behalf are very powerful.  Calm your troubled minds dear ones and connect with God’s source within.  Sit quietly and peacefully in meditation and we shall connect with you and give you the guidance that you need.  We shall assist you in every way and we shall guide you forward as you venture into the new world and into a higher consciousness.  No task is too big or too small for us.  Please don’t feel that you are not worthy of our help, as this is not the case.  Each one of you is exquisitely precious to Father God and to us.  You are loved unconditionally.  It is our Father’s will that you all prosper in every good way. 

Your frailties are understood.  Contrary to some of your teachings and beliefs The Father and His Angels, do neither condemn nor do we judge but instead, we offer you compassion and unconditional love.

Many changes and challenges will be facing your world as it goes through its transition.  It is time for all of you dear ones to connect to Source and to also connect to each other.  Extend a helping hand to those who are in need of your help.  Show them kindness, love and compassion too.  It is no secret that there are amongst you earthly angels too.  You know who you are.  This is the time for all of God’s angels to come together and to assume their duties to assist humanity with these changes.



Angelus spei.

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